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Originally Posted by Winman View Post
Let me make this clear, I don't look for them at all. You see them when you least expect it. I had posted one of these sightings a few months back, now I will tell you about another very close sighting I had.

It was in the winter of 1978 and at that time I worked 2nd shift for a company in New Milford, Connecticut. I lived in Waterbury, so each night I had about a 45 minute to 1 hour ride home.

I don't remember the exact date, but it was either February or March. I do remember it was a very clear, very cold, and beautiful night. There was a full moon.

It was around midnight, and I was travelling east on I-84, one of the busiest highways in our state. But this night there was very little traffic. I came over a large hill about 5 miles outside of Waterbury. After you come over this hill there is a long straightaway, maybe a mile, then the highway curves sharply to the left (north).

Anyway, as I am coming down this long straightaway, I look over to my left. Just above the trees, I would say no more than 50 feet above them, I saw this large object. It was a very simple object, it looked like a long metallic tube. It was shaped just like an Oscar Mayer hot-dog. I know that sounds silly, but that was it's shape. It was long and narrow, it was not shaped like a balloon or blimp (which I have seen on several occasions). I would estimate it was maybe 100 feet long, and maybe 15 feet tall, with rounded ends on each end.

I could see this object clear as a bell, as the sky was very bright that night from the full moon. The object actually looked dark against the sky, that is how bright the sky was that night. I cannot tell you the color of this object, but I thought it was a dark greyish color.

I quickly rolled down my window to get a better look and to see if I could hear this aircraft. All I could hear was the wind as I was going probably 65-70 MPH. I looked at the object as best I could while still looking at the road. This object had no wings or stabilizers whatsoever, it had no undercarriage as blimps do.

This aircraft did have three portholes on it's underside. They were perfectly round, just like the portholes on a ship, and evenly spaced apart. And a blue light was shining out of each porthole. The portholes looked like windows to me, and I could actually see INSIDE this ship. But all I saw was blue light inside.

Now, as I am driving down this long straightaway, this aircraft is travelling parallel with me in the same direction, although it is out-pacing me slightly. So, I estimate it was going around 80-90 MPH. It is just on the other side of this four lane highway, probably 200 feet distant at most. I wouldn't say I could have thrown a rock and hit it, but if I had a BB gun I could have hit it easily, that is how close this object is to me.

As this object got ahead of me, I saw that it also had a round porthole on it's end. This porthole was different though, it was shining green light. Again, I could literally see inside this craft, but all I saw was green light. It was as if this object was hollow inside.

As the object got to the bottom of the hill it did something that amazed me. It turned and followed the left turn in the highway. It was amazing, because I realized this craft was using the highway to navigate by! As I got to the bottom of the hill and made the left turn myself, I could still see this object, but now all I could see was the rear green porthole. It was very low now, and I was not in nearly as good a position to observe it. We were approaching the outskirts of Waterbury, and now the highway had many streetlights on each side, and I lost the object in the glare of the lights.

So, that was it. When I arrived home a few minutes later I told my wife what I had seen, and she believed me. She thought I should call the Police, but I didn't see the sense, they would just think I was crazy, and besides, the object was gone. So, I didn't call.

I do not believe this object was a military craft for several reasons. First, it was flying too low. The military does not fly aircraft, even experimental aircraft at tree-top level in the middle of the night in very hilly terrain. I am sure it was not a balloon or blimp as it was not shaped like a balloon, plus it was way too fast. The world speed record for a blimp is around 90 MPH I believe, at altitude. It also made no noise that I could hear, if you've ever heard a blimp they make a real racket that you can hear for miles. And again, balloons do not fly at tree-top level at midnight.

Plus, I can't say I know it all, but I grew up around military bases all my life, as my father was an aircraft technician for the military. I have seen some pretty amazing aircraft, including captured German buzz-bombs that the Air Force used to fly as drones when we lived at Eglin AFB. I was very into planes as a boy, I used to build models of all the WWI, WWII, and modern aircraft. This doesn't make me an expert, but I was pretty good at identifying aircraft. This object was unlike anything I have ever seen before or since.

But I did not look for this object, it was just right there where I could see it. And you know, I got the strong impression that it was making this display just for me. I don't remember seeing any other vehicles on the road when I made this sighting. And I really don't enjoy seeing these things. I will say it is fascinating, but afterwards I do not feel well. I have never for one second thought these objects are from another planet, I know they are spiritual, and that they are evil. I do not know why they even attempt to fool me, I trust in Jesus.
'If you have even a grain of doubt that you should be out looking for UFOs, then don't do it.'

Winman- I was referring to another brother on this board who made plans to go looking for UFOs. If a believer will study the issue they will see that UFOs/aliens are deceiving spirits. I don't know why you have seen them and I haven't. Major sightings tend to have multiple witnesses of the same event; it's not a vision, it's real. UFO activity seems to pick up during important events in history, too. If I ever see one I will be commanding it to depart in Jesus's name!!! If anyone has a spare 6 hours on their hands the link to the videos/audios on post#7 are very enlightening on this topic.