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I am not an excellent Bible student, but I have seen UFOs on multiple occasions. But it is difficult to talk about, because as soon as you do some people treat you like you are crazy. All I can say is that I am not crazy whatsoever, I think my posts reflect that. I am a careful observer. Several of the objects I observed were from very close and unmistakeable for known objects. I am talking about objects I could observe in detail, not little lights in the far distance. I even saw one of these objects in the daytime. I have never seen any occupants or had missing time or anything like that. If anyone wants to hear about these observations, I will be glad to write a detailed report.

I personally think UFOs are spiritual. They are like angels who made physical manifestations in the OT. I think that in this state they can be observed, and possibly even touched. At the same time they can break our natural laws at will. This is why UFOs have been observed to accelerate to fantastic speeds from a dead stop (this would kill an occupant), make right angle turns, or plunge into the sea or mountain without harm.

I also believe that there is a reason for the modern UFO age that started around 1947 with the observations of the pilot Kenneth Arnold in Washington state. It was Arnold who described these objects as looking like "flying saucers". This description caught on and now is a common term.

I believe UFOs serve several purposes, all of them evil. First, they cast doubt on the creation account. Many believe life on Earth was placed here by ancient astronauts from other planets. So, they cast doubt on the validity of the Bible.

I believe UFOs may be used to explain the Rapture. When millions of Christians are suddenly caught up, perhaps UFOs will be blamed for this disapperance.

Because of these observations, I have taken a keen interest in UFOs in the past. But I rarely read or study about them anymore. I did find this article several years ago, and to me it makes a lot of sense.