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Default William Frederick Cobb - JHVH will keep his promise

Hi Folks,

William Frederick Cobb (1857-1941) has a scholarly-oriented section on the Psalm 12 interpretations.

First note that after reviewing many of the interps of the Psalm (Duhm, Wellhausen, Perowne, Hengstenberg, Ewald, Deissman and Delitzsch are referenced) William Cobb gives us a split interpretation of Psalm 12:7.
The Book of Psalms with Introduction and Notes - W. F. Cobb (1905)

Verse 6 is proof of the power of familiar word of the Bible received traditionally as coming from God .... he cries exultingly that "the sayings of JHVH genuine silver for the land, purified by fire, seven times refined"....

All we can say is that the text as it stands affirms that JHVH will keep His promise and protect the godly from the generation (=the whole genus) of the wicked, and that when men of lax morals are put in high places the godless flaunt their vices publicly and without restraint.. ...

By 1900 Bible scholarship was largely liberal (lots of theories of unbelief were popular), ultra-techie, lacking sense and heart for the Psalms and oft-confused. Cobb as well was something like a mystic with liberal tendencies. (Ironically, his commentary is better than many of the time.)

Cobb also offers another kernel or two.

Wellhausen transposes w. 7 and 8, but without assigning any reason. Perowne, who retains the usual order, remarks that "this return to gloom and doubt is .without parallel at the conclusion of a Ps." The LXX makes no sense. Duhm says that how the clause 8 a got there, and what it means he does not know.

Here is Wellhausen well known for JEPD and stuff like that.
The Book of Psalms - Julius Wellhausen (1898)

Also with the transposition of verses is Thomas Kelly Cheyne in 1884 (#149) and Hermann Hupfield (1861). All reverse the order of the Psalm verses. (This is largely due to the difficulty in the "persons" interpretations.)

This type of shenanigans is amazing.
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