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Originally Posted by Scott Simons View Post
I would not so quickly judge those that stayed as blind, things are not as clear as many may think.
Let me expound and clarify Brother Scott.

I wrote: "That is so true, Brother Tim. Blind "optimism" is a dangerous thing. I'm sure many thought, "I'll be just fine." Positive thinking is not going to appease a Righteous God, is it?"

When we evacuated to Ft. Worth, Texas, we were able to view a state wide news program on cable. To our amazement, even though there was a mandatory evacuation in Galveston, many people ignored it. The news media interviewed people at beer joints who were having a Storm Party, and laughed as they said, "We'll be okay."

Certainly, not all people were blindly optimistic, that is why I said "I'm sure many thought I'll be just fine." Brother Tim and I were making a application and comparison to the blind masses who live in optimism and have no fear of the coming judgment.

Blind optimism is a dangerous thing and positive thinking does not deliver you from the penalty of sin. I'll be just fine will not satisfy the just demands of God toward sin. That was the admonition and warning. That was my heart.

Pray for the "blind" optimistic.