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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post

It is easy for some to hurl abuses and false claims than it is the exercise Charity. keep up the good work your husband should be really proud of you for the way you kept your confidence in the word and not in men, and your cool under fire.

you focus on his word and you will grow faster than some of these 60 plus year old's on this site.

blessing in his word

You among others on this board have contributed to my growth in the word. I am blessed by the interaction and material presented in your posts. You and some others have a depth of scriptural knowledge that I like to be around.

I thank God for my husband. He taught me how to be more strong minded. Bragging about his scriptural understanding would be like bragging about myself so I won't.

He says don't argue with the nay-sayers. I naively thought that some people just didn't see so if I showed them the scriptures and how they fit together then they would believe. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case.

I have spent hours composing posts for this reason. I may have spent days trying to unravel and respond to the confusing posts of people who I have no idea of how their minds work. I've only ever experienced anything like this when I debated with liberals and socialists about politics or economics. This is much worse.

I was hoping for iron sharpeneth iron on this board but instead I've found my sword is still fresh from the forge and hasn't completely hardened yet. I'm also learning that swinging it continually into the miry clay is a waste of time and mud doesn't sharpen it much but you sure get mud-splattered in the process.

I haven't responded yet to brother George because I was saving that for last but now it's late.

blessing in his field,