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Sure, He might shake up the reality of some people through bad accidents and funerals, etc, but give them a vision of heaven or hell? I just don't believe it.
Hmmm, that would make sense if it was just a vision, but the book does not contend that the event was a vision at all.

The book contends that the man ACTUALLY DIED, and he WENT TO HELL.
This happens every day, perhaps every second. As I understand it approximately 146,357 people die each day (that's about 2 per second), I'm sure you would agree that a percentage of them are going to hell. This is REAL, that part we agree on. What you are having a problem with is that one of them could COME BACK and TELL OTHERS ABOUT IT. This is certainly not common, it is highly unusual, but I'm not ready to say it could never happen. It happened to Jonah, so it is not completely outside the realm of the Biblical record. God allowed Jairus’ Daughter to come back, as He did with Lazarus. Those events were all REAL. I think all of this you would agree with.

So what's left? You are assuming they did not remember anything about it, and you are assuming they never told anyone about what they experienced, but the Bible doesn't say that, that is only an assumption. Who am I to say it can never happen.

So the patient is on the floor and he is dead.
The first chapter tells how Dr. Rawlings then inserted an electrical pacemaker wire into the vein under his collar bone and manipulated it through the venous system until the wire was dangled directly inside the man's heart, which shocked or stimulated the patient back into a living state.

At that point, the guy started screaming about being in hell and telling the doctor to pray for him because he was in great fear of going back into the fire. This was no vision, no drugs or pain killers were involved, the book contends it really happened and this is what the medical doctor is writing about.

Funny thing was, at this point the doctor was a devout atheist!

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