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Originally Posted by BroBill View Post
The scripture you quoted had nothing to do with reverence towards the scriptures (which at the time would have been the books of Moses).
Are you kidding me? Interesting, isn't it, how you can use "standing on the word" to support your picture of you stepping on the Bible but the verse I quoted has no bearing on it at all.

Okay, I'll remove your avatar for you. I was hoping you'd do it yourself.

As for "why it bothers me," I don't have to tell you "I don't know why." It bothers me because you're stepping on the Bible.

just as the the children of Israel were instructed to literally write the Law of GOD on their door posts, and to bind them upon their hands, so they wouldn't forget
Please, feel free to write verses on your door posts, or even in your forum signature.

You've said twice what your justification is for stepping on the Bible. We get it. But you should be willing, out of respect for the rest of us who don't appreciate seeing their Book stepped on like a rug, to use a different picture on the forum.