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Where would I remember you from? Church, or any particular forum or what?
I might do, but your name and avatar aren't familiar.

God bless

P.S. Don't be fooled by Paul Washer's highly emotional preaching. His wavery voice can be very convincing, but he isn't biblical. He misapplies verses all over the place, despite his obvious sincerity.
Old days of Game Design from the GMC.

And Stephanos, the only reason I want to in the first place is because their are a few people in my church who listen to him all the time. If there is another way I can bring up a more specific point of Pauls teaching being of Lordship salvation, and not just for the purpose of slamming it im all for it. If not me I would be grateful if someone could give me a link detailing the core of his doctrine and expounding upon why it is not biblically correct that would be great. I looked at and the one I did read, which was by Tracy I think is the name, felt mean-spirited, but that could just be me.

My main concern now is for my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ in my church.

In Love