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I would assume that versions that pre-date Westcott-Hort (1890's?) would also be TR based.

That is a very valid point now that you bring it up. Thanks.

We really need to make a 100% FULL LIST. I know there are a few other Bibles out there. There are just so many it's just hard to keep up. Like the Gay and Lesbian Bible for example.

Welcome to Gay and Lesbian Bible!

Deep in the shuddering guts of that religion known as Christianity is a rich and troubling history of persecution. Bullying. The singling-out those the Church professes to be Anti-God, such as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people. All built up from the foundation that is God's word, the Bible. Only it isn’t. There is no Scriptural foundation for this persecution, no anti-gay passages in the Bible that the Church professes there are. There have been mistranslations. Check. Persecutions. Check. Bullying on the largest scale. Check. But none of this is set down in the Bible as God's way.

Hence Smith and Stirling Publishing announces the release of a new and only LGBT Study Bible, "Study New Testament for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender: With Extensive Notes on Greek Word Meaning and Context." The translator is Dr A. Nyland, an ancient Greek language scholar and lexicographer known as the translator of The Source New Testament (TSNT).

The latest academic scholarship on Greek lexicography supplies the correct word meanings.

This new LGBT Study Bible is available for purchase here by download or by book and will be available on Amazon before Christmas, watch here for details.

It’s the accessible truth, a rare thing in today’s world.

I know you guys are as moved as I am that the Gays and Lesbians now have a Bible that they can understand.

Praise the Lord!!!!!!


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