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Like you not believing that sinners go to Hell. And then continually posting in a forum about the BIBLE.

I need to make sure that I am not drinking coffee or milk while reading your posts sometimes, Look. I can always count on you for a good chuckle, though.
Well, if but a chuckle, then your safe.

Because there is the interpretation of hell being a real place doesn't mean that there can not be an opposite interpretation of hell not being a real place.

Because one interprets the bible one way does not mean the bible is not open to other interpretations.

I bring a different view of the same bible and one whose foundation is Christ.

I was brought up in the Southern Baptist traditions along with their views.

So, I am not foreign to what you state.

But you are foreign to what I state because you haven't heard of my views except on here.

There is more to God then what we have been thought simply by looking into His word to find answers.

If we are open to understanding the scope of Gods works rather then understanding only what mankind thinks should be Gods works, then we can see through a glass darkly clearly.