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Originally Posted by KingSolomon1611 View Post
Considering I am a PBI graduate (and a Ruckmanite) and have just been linked with murderers and facists I will ignore semantical points poorly articulated. Where in the world did you get the idea to lump Ruckman, who has trained missionaries that are serving in Africa and many other countries, with guys that murder people and who promote murder?

Maybe you know something about Ruckman that I don't? I studied under him for 3 and a half years. Maybe I missed something?

I don't know what kind of grace and peace I am supposed to receive after being indirectly associated with someone who you seem to mention in the same breath as murderers and nazis
Okay, if you want to take my comment amiss, let's take it amiss. You were associated with no one. You were shown that the three races of man are not spades, crackers, and hebes(Dr. Ruckman's words from various books and commentaries still in print) Read his commentary on Genesis 9 and tell me who was "sodomized" and what curse still is in place from post Adamic times to the present. Sure, Dr. Ruckman has trained many missionaries that were needed in his home country for Africa and many other places. Jack Hyles preached some of the most Scriptural and Spirit-filled messages against adultery ever recorded by print or electronic meanswhile practicing it. Your point?

If nothing else I'm glad you were grounded in the inspiration of the KJV from PBI. I was educated at the Oregon District(5th Street in Dayton Ohio) Theological Seminary. One Saturday night in Oct. of 1988 I was with a group of people who tried to talk personally to Dr. Ruckman at Charity Baptist Church of "Dr." Greg Estep in Beavercreek Ohio regarding the corrupt Westcott/Hort text of the Bearing Precious Seed Spanish New Testament Of "Dr." Charles Keen(or Kean) of First Baptist Church of Milford Ohio that was being pawned off to many Baptist churches as "The KJV In Spanish!". I still have the BPS Spanish NT, it's word for word the text of the Reina-Valera of 1901, that follows the Westcott/Hort text. We were prevented from meeting with Dr. Ruckman because he refused to address the issue that he was wrong and failed to check out what he endorsed before endorsing it. I quote William of Occam:


We were prevented bodily from getting within proximity of Dr. Ruckman by "Dr." Estep and two young men who were bodybuilders, Ruckman's bodyguards. When I made the statement to the men and women with me that let's not waste anymore time and head for the street ministry, one of the young men made an obscene remark I won;t repeat for the sake of the women in this forum. I won't repeat it for the sake of the men, either.

By Dr. Ruckman's fruits ye shall know them.

On four occasions I wasa approached secretly by four men, PBI graduates and members of Charity Baptist, who told me they had examined the BPS NT and that we were "right" about it. I told them, kewl, come down on the street with us, let's win some souls to Christ this weekend. I was told four times by these four men, PBI graduates, blood-bought Christian men, "I h'ain;t witnessin' to no n****rs!"

By Dr. Ruckman's fruits ye shall know them.

Grace and peace Solomon, you need both. You also need to stop being a respecter of persons. Dr. Peter S. Ruckman has been in the ministry of reconciliation over 62 years now, is 89 years old, has macular degeneration, degenerative disk disease of the lumbar veterbre, has done much to champion the inspiration of the KJV, God's inspired words in English, and also wasn't nailed to a cross 2000 years ago for you or me.