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Originally Posted by RonB View Post
No Brandon, don't be so quick to get personal, I'm ASKING for some Scripture here, okay? Some sound reasoning, some calm reasoning, some DISCOURSE, I'm not taking any position but this has certainly been on my mind and don't think this issue hasn't been taken up by other scholars and is coming back. Not so much in the legalistic sense either but as one of the commandments to be observed so if you don't mind take a breath.
I gave you Scripture. Consider the verses I quoted, and the other passages I referenced. We are not under the law.

Your initial post does not read at all like a sincere question. It reads as though you want people to justify themselves to you. We have been down this road a dozen times on the forum -- someone comes in, pretends to ask a sincere question, but their whole point is to defend a hobbyhorse issue. Your very first post preemptively accuses people who respond to it of being "scripture twisters."

I would be happy to be proved wrong about the reason for your post. What are your thoughts on the verses I showed you that prove the Sabbath is for Israel, and that we are not to be concerned with what holy days each other keeps?