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Brother Luke (I'm assuming you are saved by grace through faith).

I have read your posts about your concern for your pastor. How long have you been saved? I'm 30 years-old and have been saved since I was 15 years-old. A Christian’s walk with the Lord is not always a mountain top experience. I have been in the valley it seems for the past year. Here is a suggestion for you. Try praying for your pastor. If you have prayed, then try fasting and praying. Surely it is worth fasting for.

If you haven't been praying for him before coming to the forum with it I'd say that this would be back biting. Also consider that if you can pick apart a preacher or church wherever you go you may need to start praying for the Lord to send laborers into the harvest...kind of like praying for patience if you know to what I am alluding.

Consider this verse about your situation and do nothing in haste.

1 Samuel 12:23 (KJV)
23 Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you: but I will teach you the good and the right way:

If God calls you to preach and you pastor lets say that you get into a slump and are not witnessing for the Lord. What would you want some concerned Christian to do about it? Would you want him just to ask you about why you don't win souls? Wouldn't you wish for a young man to fast and pray for you? Maybe you should start witnessing to folks without him if you aren't already.

Maybe you could come across someone and ask your pastor, "hey brother I really need your help with this know more than I do and this guy has a lot of questions and objections ect..." Something like that. Maybe your pastor needs a soft-ball. If you invited him "help" you witness to someone and that person got saved, man I'd bet you'd have to fist fight him to get him to miss the next chance at soul winning. Maybe your pastor is discouraged. Don't throw in the towel on him yet, maybe you can help encourage him to get back on the firing line. Do for him what you would want someone to do for you if you were in his situation…because one day it could be you.