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Originally Posted by Cloudwalker View Post
Brother George!

Being out in God's Creation is definitely a great time...sounds like you're out there in Hawaii or the Pacific? Lucky you...Being here in Connecticut we have a lot of camping and mountains for hiking...but Maine is my true passion...God's Country.

Mt. Katahdin is a true blessing...I love it in Maine.

Aloha brother,

Thanks for the pics! My dad used to go to Maine for the Trout and Salmon fishing. He said it was gorgeous, and by the pictures it certainly looks so.

I was born in Middletown, Connecticut and lived in various towns there (Cromwell, Deep River, North Guilford, and Middletown). I left Connecticut in December, 1957 (Navy) and have never returned.

I lived in Hawaii (mostly on the the Island of Kauai) from 1958 to December, 2008 when my wife and I moved to Oklahoma to be with some of our family and to escape the high cost of living in the very Liberal (dare I say - SOCIALIST) State of Hawaii.

I have been enjoying your Posts - keep em coming!