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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
People sounds to me there is a calling there to start a fellowship of Bible Believers. You should pray about that and if the Lord is leading start one by faith.

I can give you 100 testimonies (if not more) as to God providing for him who he calls. I started this fellowship with a $20 a month promise. went to nothing and now I have a regular amount (not enough to live on in the States but enough for here). The car we bought by faith last July has been fully paid off as of this month. that was our latest testimony to God's provision by faith.
Thanks for that Brother.
You know way back in 1957 my grandfather and 3 or 4 friends disagreed with the Church system here in Northern Ireland and the apostate nature of most of them so they, through prayer and faith built a Gospel hall. Not a massive hall, a decent sized Gospel hall seats about 100, baptismal tank and prayer room. They trod miles on foot every day to witness and to invite the local community to the hall for Gospel meetings, I even recall my Grandfather and his friend building a bridge over a small stream (Cut almost 2-3 miles of a journey) so that the young folks of the area could come to the Hall to hear the Word of God in Sunday school. I remember as a small child going to Sunday school there and sometimes the meetings spilled outside due to lack of room. Last year I visited the hall again and I was quite disheartened to learn that some had come in with peculiar teachings and modern versions and the numbers had greatly dropped. I ask if you could pray for me to get in touch with my Grandfathers old fellowship (those who are still alive) and possibly help to bring back the Zeal to the Hall and encourage the young people to attend again, if that is the Lords will for me.
I would very much like to visit the Philippines one day and come and see you and your Church.

Much Love in the Lord