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Default Re: "CALVINISM: Sound Doctrine?"

Originally Posted by Brother-Smith View Post
Hello All,

Would you please help me figure out which denominations believe in Calvinism? Reformed Baptists, etc.
I don't know all the lingo.

This study is awesome and blessed by the Lord. Thank You so much!

I grew up in a First Baptist Church and have not been a member of a local congregation in 16 years. We are searching but it seems to me I am finding all kinds of things that disagree with scripture in the local church.

Thanks in advance!


Aloha brother Smith,

Here is some information I was able to glean from the NET:

Calvinist Churches in the USA

Reformed Churches
Christian Reformed Church in North America - 198,000
Hungarian Reformed Church in America - 6,000
Netherlands Reformed Congregations in North America - 9,047
Protestant Reformed Churches in America - 6,730
Reformed Church in America - 293,147
Reformed Church in the United States - 4,257

Presbyterian Churches
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church - 40,600
Cumberland Presbyterian Church - 86,049
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America - 15,142
Evangelical Presbyterian Church - 63,447
Korea-American Presbyterian Church
Orthodox Presbyterian Church - 25,302
Presbyterian Church in America - 299,055
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - 3,561,184
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America - 6,105

Christian Publishing Houses Founded by and Operated by Calvinists
Zondervan Publishing House
Kregel Publishing
Baker Book House

Bible Translation Done Under the Auspices of Calvinists
New International Translation

Other Churches Holding to a Modified Calvinist Position
Southern Baptist Convention - 15,851,756

Information supplied by: Dr. Richard P. Bucher

My wife and I joined an Independent Baptist church (Anatola Baptist Church) in 1966. The pastor was a young man fresh out of Baptist Bible College - he was a full-on 5-Point Calvinist. {We became very close friends - until I became a King James Bible believer (1968) and after that we gradually drifted away from each other.}

I had been saved for about 8 years at the time, and didn't have the slightest inkling what Calvinism was. I only know that that pastor's Library was chock full of Reformed Theologians Commentaries. And when he studied the Bible he might have a half a dozen commentaries strewn around his desk as he prepared his studies and sermons.

During the time that we were friends, that pastor persuaded me to buy some of Arthur W. Pink's books (I ended up with about 12-15 of them), fortunately they bored me (to begin with) and after I became a genuine Bible believer I became aware of Pink's habit of "spiritualizing" the Holy words of God, so I dumped all his books in the rubbish.

The point is - there are Independent Baptist churches that have also embraced Calvinist doctrine, and according to brother Tony Bones, Calvinism has also spread into some of the "Brethren" churches also.

John Calvin's doctrine has infiltrated many different "Christian" Denominations, so we have to be careful which church we fellowship with, because Calvin's doctrines are not just confined to the "Reformed" and "Presbyterian" churches.