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Bro. George,

I am a simple gal and you lost me LoL

But I think I get the jist of what you are saying. I was trying to convey what you were saying to my husband (Bobby) and he agreed at least partially in what you are saying. Evidently he's been in this very same debate before.

Firstly, he recommends the Oxford over the Webster's. But that the Webster's is a good second.

Secondly, he totally agrees with looking in Scripture first agreeing with this point you made:

but I recommend that you do not go to Webster's first - it might "influence" your search (without even knowing it.)
Actually he finished my sentence for me!

But, not everyone always has the time to look up every word, reference and meaning in the Bible so that is when he feels a quick look in the dictionary is a great help and it is a rare occasion that the two will disagree. If you always have the time the method you suggest is obviously best but not always practical.

Bro. Schwenke also spoke my husband's third point and that is:

If we discuss "ordinances" and Chette thinks "ordinance" means one thing, and I think "ordinance" means something else, but we never agree on a definition of the word, the discussion becomes useless. The dictionary brings us to a point where we should be able to agree on how a word is being used, and then we might be able to get somewhere. Otherwise, we are right back in Judges where everyone does that which is right in his own eyes, because there is no common definition of the words we use.
Be blessed!