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Default HUMANISM {Pernicious Satanic Influence In The World Today} [PART #2]

[PART #2]

Throughout recorded history every State (government) that has ever been in existence has embraced and promulgated an “official” or “approved” Religion. Although [throughout history] some States may have tolerated, to some degree or another, some religions (other than the “official” religion), the fact is that most States, most of the time, have used the power of the State to persecute or destroy any religion other than the State (government) “approved” religion. ( i.e. Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Baalism, etc., etc. )

The disturbing fact is that in most of the world today people’s hearts are so deceived and their minds have become so blind and corrupt that they have surely embraced a religion without even knowing or acknowledging that it is a religion. That religion is called Humanism – from which many other State (government) “official” religions have emanated [Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, etc.].

Please note: Although these systems and those mentioned above) "seem" to be different from each other, they, along with Humanism all employ that exact same "methods" in order to "control" people: FEAR, INTIMIDATION, COERCION, & FORCE! And they all hate God; God's word; and God's people! (That's just too much of a "coincidence" to be "accidental". Who do you suppose is behind this amazing "cohesiveness" and agreement?)

Just as most of the countries that were in existence at the time of its founding, the United States had an “official” [undeclared] religion at it’s founding also - Judeo–Christian. However, unlike the other States (governments) it wasn’t an organized religion - it had no “official” headquarters or clergy.

In the Western world, as the various State (government) “official” religions (Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, etc.) have been changed, ignored, or abandoned, Humanism, in all its forms (Religious-Secular-Atheistic-Psychological) with one or more of its attendant Ism’s has filled the void left behind.

Through the influence of the schools (K-12 & college); the media (print, radio, & television); government agencies (local, state & federal); and the courts (local, state & federal); our culture [and as a consequence our Country] has been radically changed from one that was based on Judeo-Christian laws, precepts, and principles to one that is based on the subtle religion of Humanism. (Humanism has become the “official” [but undeclared] religion of the United States – Please check out the substitution of unreasonable, untested, and failed “Psychological solutions” in the present day Court systems [especially the so- called “Family” Court] in place of the tried, tested, and proven Laws [based on Judeo-Christian principles] that guided our country from its founding up to the turn of the twentieth century).

The religion of Humanism has succeeded in:

Searing the consciences of most people, in regards to good and evil.
Occupying the minds of most people with superficial things of this world.
Alienating most people’s hearts from God and God’s word.

By the evidence and testimony presented above it is quite evident that the world (people, institutions, & governments) is at war with God’s people, and that war is being waged on two (2) main fronts. In Communist, Fascist, (Dictatorships) and Islamist (Muslim) countries the war against God’s people is being prosecuted mainly in physical terms (murder, torture, physical persecution). In Democracies and Socialist countries the war is much more subtle – to the degree that most of today’s Christians aren’t even aware of it - (Economic, social, political & religious discrimination; intimidation; coercion; ridicule; and government harassment are some of the weapons used i.e. the fear of man). But it is still a war!

Humanism, along with all the other isms listed above (including Psychiatry & Psychology) is diametrically opposed to the Bible, the God of the Bible, God’s people, and everything that God’s people believe. A close examination of just 25 basic beliefs held by all true Bible believers (listed below) will demonstrate that Humanists do not believe or accept even one of these 25 basic Bible precepts and, if given the opportunity, they will not only vehemently deny every single one of them, but try to prevent others from believing in them also!

1. God (The Triune Godhead as presented in the Bible)

2. Satan (As an existing being – The father of evil)

3. Angels (As existing)

4. Devils (Demons & evil spirits as existing)

5. Creation (The Biblical account)

6. Man (As possessing three parts – a Body, a Soul, and a Spirit)

7. The Soul (As existing and being 1 part of the 3 parts of man)

8. The Spirit (As existing and being 1 part of the 3 parts of man)

9. Evil (As Existing - The Biblical concept of)

10. The Heart (As the seat of a person’s thoughts, imaginations, affections, will, etc.)

11. Sin (The Biblical Account of the fall – The sinful nature of all mankind.)

12. Redemption (All of mankind’s need for Salvation)

13. Signs, wonders, miracles (As recorded in the Bible)

14. World wide Flood (The Biblical Account)

15. Division of Mankind (Into three basic races: Shem, Ham, and Japeth)

16. Accountability (That individuals are responsible for their own actions – not society.)

17. Judgment (That a time will come when God is going to judge all of mankind.)

18. Heaven (As a place of Eternal Life with God)

19. Hell (As a place for Eternal Punishment.)

20. Hebrews – Jews – Israel (As being God’s earthly chosen people.)

21. Jesus Christ: (As being the bodily manifestation of the Godhead.)
(As being the fullness of the Godhead bodily.)
(As the Creator of the world and the universe.)
(As to his Incarnation – Miraculous Conception & Birth)
(As the Jews [Hebrew] Messiah.)
(As the one and only Saviour of mankind and the world.)
(As Rising from the dead.)
(As the Head of the Church – which is His body here on earth.)
(As the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.)

22. The Blood Atonement (That Jesus Christ’s Blood paid the price for sin – sins.)

23. Born Again (That a person needs to be born again in order to enter into the Kingdom of God.)

24. The Church (Christ’s Bride – The Pillar and Ground of the Truth.)

25. Marriage (God’s Institution – Between one man and one woman.)

How can nearly the whole world, regardless of their differing beliefs, be of one mind on these matters of belief and faith? There is a world wide conspiracy going on, but it's one that nearly the whole world is unaware of, because Satan is the author of it and he has blinded the minds those who have chosen to reject God and His Holy Scriptures.