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Default Re: "Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?"

Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
Brother George,

I want to apologize if I hurt you in any way by trying to reach Pam. I recognize the scriptural principle you are following and that you have decades of experience that I don't have the benefit of. But I have to go with what I feel the Lord wants me to do. Maybe I'm wrong. I also apologize if in my posts #61 and 62 it seemed I took lightly what Pam had written about you. That is absolutely not the case. I was delirious with exhaustion by that point and I saw the absurdity of what she had done and sometimes something can become so ridiculous that it strikes me as almost humorous. Sort of like the saying 'If you don't laugh you will cry." Or a release of tension. I am sorry if I added anything to the pain it must have caused you. I hope you know how much respect I have for you. You and Renee have been such a blessing to me and to my marriage.

I hope you don't quit posting or leave the board because in my opinion and I believe in many other member's opinions that would be a great loss.

In Christ's love,


Aloha sister Jennifer,

I am pleased that you have decided to remain on the AV1611 Bible Forums. Both you and sister Jassy have been a blessing and a profitable addition to our "family".

I have never seen anything that you posted that has been offensive to me. Where I might disagree with you is not worth fighting over. You have always been circumspect and considerate in your posts, and I greatly appreciate your conduct here. (so there is no need to apologize - for you haven't done a thing to offend me.)

I have been calling myself "the old curmudgeon" for some time now, and it has always been "tongue in cheek" - that is with a touch of humor .

I know that I can come across "hard" at times, but there are certain things that I will not abide, and at 69 years of age I can afford to be a bit of an "old curmudgeon". But I can assure you that my "bark" is worse than my "bite", and in regards to both you and sister Jassy, if either one of you were to leave this Forum, you would be missed!

If I may - I would advise you to never let another Christian's "conduct" determine your own. I have determined, with the time that the Lord gives me, to walk with the Lord and to only trust Him, and if NO ONE else wants to follow Him, I am determined to follow Him - regardless of what any other Christian may do or say!

Give my regards to your husband - he is a most fortunate man, as I am also.

Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.