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Default Re: " Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"? "

Originally Posted by Ripdood View Post
Hey all,

I know I am just a new guy here and no one really knows me. But I have been following this thread with some interest and trepidation. Now I feel I want to add my opinion here (which along with a dollar will get you a cup of coffee someplace).

Marriage is not a yoking together of two individuals, it is a joining of two folks into one flesh. How do I know this for certain? I was married to a wonderful woman for 24.5 years. She went to be with the LORD 6 years ago and it felt like someone tore my soul in half. We were one person in our hearts, minds, and everything else in life.

I am from a farm background, grew up around livestock and such. While I am no expert on anything I do know if you have a team of animals for plowing, puttin' up hay, or any other thing ya use a team for you have a producing entity. If one animal is replaced with another, there is a time of adjustment but soon that team will come back to working as one, whether it is horses or oxen.

You take any animal and tear it in half you won't never have a workable animal again.

Losing my wife was like that, I am functional but even if I were to remarry it will never be the same as with her, similar is NOT the same.

I think one of the reasons we have problems with the divorce rate among both saved and unsaved couples in the world is because too many think of it as a yoking together, which implies a burden to be borne.

Marriage is not picking up more baggage, it is gaining a helpmeet and expanding of your capacity to serve and love even more.

The original post which opened this thread was an excellent presentation of the verses and thoughts of our LORD in the matter of understanding the concept of yoked or joined. The subsequent posts had interesting points but soon degenerated into a sorry mess of name calling and thin skinned lashing back. Just my opinion.

Nuff said,
Aloha brother,

I appreciate your comments, which are so true!

I am truly sorry for the loss of your wife. The Lord saw fit to take our oldest son (42 years old) home at about the same time you lost your wife, and as much as it was painful, I believe the loss of your wife was even more devastating for you brother.

My wife and I have been married for 48 years and I can not imagine my life here on earth without her. We also are not only one flesh, but we are also of one mind, one heart,and one spirit. She is not only my "helpmeet", she has also been my life's faithful companion; my very best friend (here on earth); and she "completes" me.

I have learned in this life that your children "leave", and your "friends" may desert you, but a faithful wife - outside of the Lord, there's nothing to compare with that!

I, like you, believe the Bible to be absolutely clear on this issue, and having been blessed with a Proverbs 31 wife for the past 48 years, I pity the man who hasn't known such a blessing.

God bless you brother - I believe that you will be a welcome addition to the AV1611 Bible Forums.