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Default Re: " Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"? "

Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
"yes Pam it sounds as if you are trying to be a grace filled person in those posts. I am trying to be sincere and open as I too make mistakes and try to learn from them. Sometimes if the same mistakes happen again and again with certain people I make sure I don't answer until I am confident it is not my fault. If I am sure I try to avoid them.

George, Irene and Greenbear are all very lovely people. try again and take everything with that grain of salt. we are the salt of the earth.

I am a person who come from a know it all life style and I have had to learn to drop it. It is hard coming to the lord late in life I carried lots of baggage and garbage into my Christian life and I am learning to unload it and throw it off which ever it takes."

I suggest you go to George's web page and read through his studies on the heart and also his studies on humanism. that will give you a good idea where he is coming from.

After I visited you web page I knew that Custer was not so bad and is quiet down to earth. so are they by the way.

The humble one wears the crown. and I have done it and eaten crow at the same time.

God bless sister.

Aloha brother Chette,

I cannot believe what you have said about custer, but your response has led me to make a decsion I have been contemplating for sometime.

The AV1611 Forums is turning into a debating society - we are biting and devoring one another. There is so little edifying going on anymore that I am going to scale back my participation and watch as the chaos and anarchy continue! We are supposed to all be of the "same mind", but instead we are all doing, whatever we please - regardless of what the Scriptures say.

We have driven away a brother in Christ that may have been a real blessing to the brethren here; sister greenbear wants to quit; and you are wanting to embrace some woman who has caused more division than practically any other woman who has joined this Forum since its inception!

Lately, I see so little profit taking place here. Every where I look is naysaying, backbiting, and personal attacks; and then on top of all that you choose to ignore the Biblical admonition to AVOID those who cause divisions - but instead you want to dialogue with them! If the brethren on this Forum would follow Paul's admonition and avoid those who cause divisions most of them would go away. But instead they keep dialoguing with these troublemakers - which only encourages them to continue their pernicious ways!

If you truly believe that custer (Pam) is: "trying to be a grace filled person in those posts", then all that I have presented in my Posts concerning her must not be "grace filled". She is either out of order, or I am.

For you to choose to IGNORE the fact that this woman has posted 27 Posts (more than half of all her Posts) in criticism of me absolutely astounds me, and makes me realize that if even you cannot see how divisive and destructive this vicious person is, then maybe I am wasting much of my time here!

I'm not quiting the Forum, but I refuse to be insulted by some shrewest woman day after day, and then have my friends come to her defense.

Brother we are told not to judge by "appearance", but judge "righteous judgment". Good luck dialoguing with this woman, I wish you well.