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Default Re: "Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?"

Originally Posted by chette777 View Post

I reread this thread wanting to see if I missed something.

You were the first to make some indications of a problem I couldn't see in post #4 "pam ducking" I could not see any reason for that statement. Were you ducking blows or are you saying George was ducking away from you?

so you see you came into the thread with something on your heart. I have to do that with Parish. Often I have to come into thread posts he made and clear my heart of personal biased of him in order to read his post simply for what it is and not with my personal feelings.

then you came into posts 21 and 22 where you came in with a PRECONCEIVED idea that Greenbear would quickly accuse you of manipulating. Can you see it you came in with your guns blazing. you did the same in post 22 to George.

As I see it you brought over from another thread your emotions and hurts and started applying it to this thread. that is where you went wrong. not that you were wrong in what you said. but your own personal bias was implanted into everything your opponents said. though they were not really trying to be your opponents. so it is your heart where the issue lay. Try coming into the threads without bringing with it past or events that took place in other threads, give an abundance of grace (we all need it) and try to learn from it.

It would seem George came out with his view only after you seemed to be ignoring the Yolked references of which you said you agreed. but your statements seem to indicate that yolked to you is a marriage. that is What George was stating.

it is easy to be offended but harder not to offend.

I do see why you are upset. Slow down and consider more what is being shared and try not to react with strong emotions. when responding be sure not to make remarks that would seem like you missed understood the reason for the thread in the first place. it really looks like a misunderstanding that started on your part though you may have understood the yolked references.

don't be so sensitive as you read. George is really a good man.

Aloha brother Chette,

I don't know what you are trying to accomplish by trying to "reason" with custer, but I do know that it is "FUTILE"!

This woman has been trying to "BAIT ME" for a month now, and I REFUSE to take the "BAIT"!

Do you realize that (at this point in time) she has posted a total of 52 Posts and Threads and of those 52 - 27 OF THEM HAVE BEEN ABOUT ME! That's better than 50% of her Posts! Don't you think that there is something terribly "wrong" with this woman? She is obsessed with me! as I said in 06/16/09 > "Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?" > Post #24: " The woman is "OBSESSED" with yours truly, simply because I have spoken the truth."

Now, for the record - here are some of the things she has said and some of the things I have said in response to her distortion of my words:

06/09/09 > LOVE & RACE > Post #71

George said:
“I grow tired of people (like yourself) taking my words out of context. I grow weary of people taking my words and twisting them, and making them say something I DID NOT SAY! And I especially get upset when someone (like yourself) IGNORES most of what I have said and tries to put words in my mouth - which I never uttered!”
{I still stand by my statement}

06/10/09 > LOVE & RACE > Post #75

George said:
{Custer stated (on 06/04/09 > Thread: "Love & Race > Post #41}: "I DON'T want to argue". For a woman who claims:"I DON'T want to argue" - you sure have been doing a whole lot of it lately! Out of 73 Posts on the Thread "Love and Race" you have posted at least 11 of them! Lets see, that works out to about 15% of all of the Posts regarding this issue - NOT BAD for a woman who claimed: "I DON'T want to argue". {Especially since 9 of those 11 Posts were made AFTER YOU SPOKE THOSE WORDS!}

“You are “beating a dead horse” here. You already have my testimony (several times now) on this issue; and my wife’s testimony in regards to 1Corinthians Chapter 7. If you are wondering WHY I have sternly reproved and rebuked you - You TWISTED my words and my wife’s words; and CHANGED them to suit your purposes; and then SUBSTITUTED your own words in their place. I refuse to stand by and let another “Christian” get away with that - without at least letting them know that they are “out of order”.

You should have stuck with the subject at hand, and given us your “SCRIPTURAL” reasons WHY Christians shouldn’t marry someone of another "race" (whatever that is), culture, or color, rather than venturing into a side issue, which has demonstrated that you are disingenuous about what you say: “I DON'T want to argue”; imperceptive or careless to Scriptural exposition; and dishonest in dealing with other people’s WORDS!”

”Don't expect any more personal "replies" from me in regards to anything more you may have to say on this Forum. I refuse to have a "Cat Fight" with an emancipated Westernized "Christian" woman, who thinks she knows everything, and who refuses to receive instruction. There is NO PROFIT in it!”
{Here it is over a month later and she is - STILL ARGUING! I still stand by my statement}

06/11/09 > LOVE & RACE > Post #92

George said:
Aloha greenbear (Jennifer),

By now you must realize how futile it is to try to reason with someone like Pam. She is determined to be "right", even if she alienates practically everyone on the Forum

Once someone "bends", "twists", and "changes" my words or someone else's words, I write them off as being dishonest and disingenuous. Trying to deal with these kinds of people is "an exercise in futility" - as evidenced by the number of Posts that custer has posted on this Thread.

”This is a woman who claimed in her Post #41 - "I DON'T want to argue", and yet she has (at this point in time) posted a total of 19 POSTS of the 89 Posts on the Thread! That's over 21% of all of the Posts on the Thread, and nearly all of them have been obstinate and argumentative.”

”And out of those 19 Posts - 9 of them have either been addressed to me, or has referenced me. To put it another way - nearly half of her Posts are in relation to me or something that I said. (Makes a person almost believe in Psychiatry/Psychology - but NOT QUITE!)”

Pam just can't "LET GO" - she is determined to PROVE that she is right, at ALL COSTS! I'm used to this - "Westernized" (or "Americanized") women just don't know how to deal with an old curmudgeon like me. You see, having raised and trained 7 children (some probably as old or older than Pam) has given me some understanding of how to deal with women that are "out of order". I REFUSE to let them "sweet talk" me or "bully" me. If they are going to try to act like a man - I treat them like a man. And that just drives "Westernized" (or "Americanized") women like Pam NUTS!”

“After 19 Posts, do you accept her excuse that "this is NOT an argument"? Do you see WHERE she is coming from - "From my standpoint"? That's the WHOLE POINT! Her "standpoint" is all that she "sees" and all that she "cares about". From Pam's "standpoint" everything that has taken place on this Thread is just: "a discussion, a lively and friendly debate!" You could have fooled me!”

”This woman has twisted, bent, changed, and taken other people's words out of context and then inserted her words in their place - and she just considers that: "a discussion, a lively and friendly debate!" It's like I have said before, trying to reason with these kinds of people is "an exercise in futility". If you don't believe me - check out Pam's "smart-alack" remark in her Post #4 on the Thread: "Biblical Marriage - Joined together or Yoked together?"
{I said: Pam just can't "LET GO" - she is determined to PROVE that she is right, at ALL COSTS! - I still stand by my statement}

custer said: 06/10/09 > LOVE & RACE > Post #74
In answer to your sarcastic, condescending (not to mention juvenile) question, yes, George, I CAN read English! For the record, I had a 4.0 in all my college English courses...and I have a greater-than-3rd-grade understanding of English parts of speech which means that I can see that when a word is used as a NOUN instead of a VERB, it sometimes has a VERY different meaning (Bible or dictionary!) as is the case with your pet word "YOKE!" I HAVE read ALL the verses in question, and I would LOVE to see you run the references and give me a BIBLE DEFINITION for the word "YOKED" in II Corinthians six because I have not been able to find that word (or "yoke" or "yokes" etc.) used as a VERB (which anybody who can "read English" knows has a completely different meaning than the word "yoke" as a NOUN) anywhere else in the Bible! In addition, anyone who read all the references to "yoke," etc., in the Bible, would come to the EXACT SAME CONCLUSION about the definition that Webster did...that to "yoke" (as a verb) is to "join!" (In the preface to his 1828 edition, Webster gives God the glory for his work, and the introduction and the dictionary itself are replete with Bible references.) The point is that the fact that a word is used "X number" of times in the Bible can be totally irrelevant to its actual meaning in a specific passage...
Now, custer said: “I would LOVE to see you run the references and give me a BIBLE DEFINITION for the word "YOKED" in II Corinthians six” - Which is exactly what I did in my Thread: Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"? And what did she do? She went to ridiculously extreme lengths to pervert the clear Biblical teaching on the word “yoked” as anyone can see by her ridiculously outrageous application of Samson and his wife and his reference to her as “my heifer” – NOT as his “YOKED HEIFER”! {Custer not only makes it a habit to twist the words of God and take them out of “context” - If necessary, she will ADD to the Holy words of God to prove her “point”} as can be seen in her Post #23 on 06/16/09:

custer said in her Post #23 > Re: "Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?:
Plus, for anyone who is interested, the Lord doesn't seem to have a problem with Samson comparing his WIFE to a YOKED HEIFER...we know it was a "yoked heifer" because it says "plowed with my heifer;" I can't find in the Bible where you can plow with only one ox! So SCRIPTURALLY, there's 'being yoked' connected with a marriage relationship! (Judges 14:12-18)
Read the verse:
Judges 14:18 And the men of the city said unto him on the seventh day before the sun went down, What is sweeter than honey? and what is stronger than a lion? And he said unto them, If ye had not plowed with my heifer, ye had not found out my riddle.

Is the word “YOKED” IN THE VERSE? If it isn’t – WHY is custer ADDING to the words of God, unless it is for the purpose of “proving” her ridiculous unscripturalpoint”?

06/16/09 > "Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?" > Post #24

George said:

Aloha all,

Please take note of "custer's" radical "ATTITUDE". This woman is a perfect "example" of what I was referring to as the "Westernized" (or "Americanized") woman. {It's known as HUMANISTIC "FEMINISM"!}

Please check out her pernicious Posts and review her comments in regards to me (a harmless old curmudgeon). The woman is "OBSESSED" with yours truly, simply because I have spoken the truth.

Notice how she will "IGNORE" the overwhelming number of proof texts as to the meaning of "yoke" and how she desperately runs to ONE text (and takes it out of "context") to prove her preconceived ideas. This woman is not only "out of order', she is also "OUT OF BALANCE"!

This is the woman who, early on, claimed: "I disagree with most of what has been posted on this thread, but I DON'T want to argue - I would like to try to understand where y'all are coming from!"; and who has done NOTHING but ARGUE (and is STILL "ARGUING") since she joined our happy little group! "Christian" women should NOT be so disingenuous! And this is one of many reasons why I REFUSE to have anything more to do with the woman. She is OUT OF "ORDER" and OUT OF "BALANCE"!

She is a typical "EXAMPLE" of the typical MODERN Westernized (or Americanized) "Christian" woman, who REFUSES to receive instruction, and is in REBELLION against God's "ORDER" and against His Holy word!

You can do NOTHING for these kind of "Christians". It is "an EXERCISE IN FUTILITY" in trying to "reason" with them. They are determined to be "RIGHT" at any and all costs - even if it means making a complete fool of herself.

This is the result of HUMANISTIC training and education, which produces SOPHISTS - yes even "CHRISTIAN" SOPHISTS!

This woman has been nothing but argumentative, contentious, and combative since she came here. She has done nothing but agitate, disrupt, and disturb the fellowship that most of us seek here. And the "FRUIT" of her contentiousness has been confusion, discord, and division.

I have dealt with these Westernized (or Americanized) "Christian" women for over 50 years - there is NOTHING that we can SAY or DO that will CHANGE them. If we all IGNORE her - she will go away, or she will "get so out of hand" (i.e. OUT OF "ORDER") that she will be "banned".
{I said: You can do NOTHING for these kind of "Christians". It is "an EXERCISE IN FUTILITY" in trying to "reason" with them. They are determined to be "RIGHT" at any and all costs - even if it means making a complete fool of herself. - I still stand by my statement}

This woman (who is a total stranger to me) has posted 50% of her Posts in regards to me (all of them NEGATIVE!) I REFUSE to have anything to do with her. She is out of BALANCE and out of CONTROL! She has been nothing but a DISRUPTION to this Forum, ever since she has Joined!

I am going to obey the Scriptural admonition concerning these kinds of "Christians": I am going to "MARK" them and then "AVOID" them:

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.