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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post

I reread this thread wanting to see if I missed something.

You were the first to make some indications of a problem I couldn't see in post #4 "pam ducking" I could not see any reason for that statement. Were you ducking blows or are you saying George was ducking away from you?

so you see you came into the thread with something on your heart. I have to do that with Parish. Often I have to come into thread posts he made and clear my heart of personal biased of him in order to read his post simply for what it is and not with my personal feelings.

then you came into posts 21 and 22 where you came in with a PRECONCEIVED idea that Greenbear would quickly accuse you of manipulating. Can you see it you came in with your guns blazing. you did the same in post 22 to George.

As I see it you brought over from another thread your emotions and hurts and started applying it to this thread. that is where you went wrong. not that you were wrong in what you said. but your own personal bias was implanted into everything your opponents said. though they were not really trying to be your opponents. so it is your heart where the issue lay. Try coming into the threads without bringing with it past or events that took place in other threads, give an abundance of grace (we all need it) and try to learn from it.

It would seem George came out with his view only after you seemed to be ignoring the Yolked references of which you said you agreed. but your statements seem to indicate that yolked to you is a marriage. that is What George was stating.

it is easy to be offended but harder not to offend.

I do see why you are upset. Slow down and consider more what is being shared and try not to react with strong emotions. when responding be sure not to make remarks that would seem like you missed understood the reason for the thread in the first place. it really looks like a misunderstanding that started on your part though you may have understood the yolked references.

don't be so sensitive as you read. George is really a good man.

I cannot tell you just how much I REALLY APPRECIATE your sincerity...unless I am mistaken, it is very obvious in your posts to me!

I would like you to note that George is the one who brought the "parts of speech" thing over from the other thread (Love and Race) by harping on it in his original post here. I brought it up over there (post #74, I believe) because whether a word is a noun or a verb makes such a difference a lot of times in the meaning of the word (as it does in this case...) so my post #4 (I believe) on here was an effort to have him tell us HOW IN THE WORLD the part of speech could be unimportant to this argument. That's one of those things he never answered because HE IS WRONG!

As far as greenbear, in the Love and Race thread, EVEN WHEN I QUOTED HER VERBATIM, she accused me of manipulating her words...when I asked her 'how?' she, of course, never answered! I tell you that here because I was just wanting to make sure from the 'get-go' that she knew I wasn't trying to do that...I was attempting to have a civil discourse with her and George (even if we still disagreed at the end) but, sadly, that proved to be impossible! I am still willing to try! I WILL still be frustrated if they continue to refuse to talk about scripture with me simple, but on "" I thought that was what we were here for!

Again, just trying to clarify for you what's going on at my end!

Oh, I almost forgot, I came into this thread "ducking" because George was definitely swinging at ME (not my info) in the other thread!

And, while you're here, what do you think of my posts #43 and 44...besides that I could show more grace? (ha ha!)