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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
The context is that the gentile church is not Israel. Only Israel was constrained (with some exceptions) not to intermarry. Gentiles are the ones Israel was forbidden to intermarry with!!! Israel being set aside for a season by God, are we the gentiles now to keep ourselves from marrying each other? That is baseless and absurd. That horse is already out of the stable, anyway, don't you think? If you believe "races" are not to intermarry in the church age, the burden of proof is on you to show that's the case from scriptures. In fact, when did God ever command gentiles not to intermarry with each other at any time?

THE CONTEXT IS exactly what the verse says: "...for ye are all one IN CHRIST JESUS;" IT DOES NOT SAY "in your physical relationships!!!" Like I've said, I really want to go back to this issue with scripture, but right now I am focused on the saved/lost discussion. In the meantime, as far as your last question above, who said anything about gentiles not marrying each other?