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Default Re: "Rightly Dividing The Book of Acts"

Aloha brother Parrish,

If you are wondering what "set me off" with Premio53, the following Posts - made by Premio53 (criticizing brother Chette Nichols) might clarify:

Premio53’s quote Post #43:
Winman, I want to thank you for your study and how plainly you lay it out. I have no idea why anyone would accuse you of not rightly dividing the word of God or failing to properly study and instead of giving scripture to refute what you said, refers you to someone else. It may by that he has no answer to what you have said. Once again I thank you for explaining this in such a logical manner.”

Premio53’s quote Post #50:
Why would it matter if he was Jehovah Witness, Morman or any other cult? Why not just answer the scriptures he has presented? Are you seeking some information to go after him personally?”
These are the kind of “cheap shots” that I despise! Premio53 doesn’t know WHAT he/she is talking about, or WHO he/she is talking about and yet he/she takes these “CHEAP SHOTS” against brother Chette! Just exactly WHAT is it that prompts “Christians” to do this? Hmmm?

When Premio53 said “I have no idea” – he/she said a mouthful! Premio53 has “NO IDEAWHO brother Chette is. And Premio53 has “NO IDEA” as to WHY brother Chette said WHAT he said. And on top of that Premio53 has “NO IDEA”HOW WELL brother Chette can handle himself on issues like these. In other words – even though Premio53 HAD “NO IDEA” about WHAT or WHO he/she was talking about, he/she ventured a derogatoryOPINION” of brother Chette ANYWAY!

WHO does Premio53 think he/she is?

Proverbs 29:20 Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? there is more hope of a fool than of him.
{This goes for women too – just in case Premio53 is a woman, since Premio53 has CHOSEN not to tell us anything about him or her self.}

Premio53 was taking these “cheap shots” at brother Chette Nichols. Brother Chette lays his life on the line every day on the remote Island of Palawan in the Philippines (awfully close to the radical Muslims!). Brother Chette has started at least three churches in the Philippines, and works more in the ministry in one day than I do in a month! Brother Chette subsists on anywhere’s between $50.00 and $500.00 a month and yet shares whatever God provides him (and his wife Tata; and there three children; and his mother-in-law; and sister-in-law) with those brethren in the church he pastors, and those outside the church as well.

WHO IS PREMIO53 TO QUESTION brother Chette’s character or ability? Hmmm?

I grow tired of these people who join this Forum and one of the first things they do is QUESTION the character, honesty, or ability of one of the members here. Or they jump into the middle of a Thread and disagree with something that someone posted without knowing anything about what has transpired on the AV1611 Bible Forums before hand (and are too lazy to check the Threads and Posts out).

Check out Premio53”s Thread and Posts – it’s either QUESTIONS (ALWAYS "QUESTIONS") or it’s disagreement, dissent, argument, contention, or controversy. What’s with “Christians” nowadays? Here we have a perfect "STRANGER" (about whom we know NOTHING about); and he/she gets right into the “MIDDLE” of some “CONTROVERSIAL” issue; and he/she “takes sides”; and then he/she criticizes someone (WHO THEY DON’T KNOW FROM ADAM!). Are we to take such a person seriously? Are we supposed to extend the “right hand of fellowship” to a STRANGER that REFUSES to share his/her personal testimony with us and yet sees fit to criticize one of the brethren on this Forum? I trow not!

Proverbs 26:17 He that passeth by, and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.