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No, Jennifer, I did not ask you to admit that I am right! (George would have said "Can you not read English?" but only to me, not you!)

It's rather funny, George, that you have nothing better to do than count all my posts and figure the percentage - TWICE! And if either one of you cared about the truth, you would also point out WHY I have posted over and over and it is:

If I wanted to get answers out of either of you, I had to ask repeatedly...and, of course, some answers I STILL haven't gotten because you obviously don't have them! My latest inquiry was/is COMPLETELY FORTHRIGHT AND SINCERE - "...would you please, or can you, tell me how/if I failed to prove relevance in my post #86?" [Again, I would REALLY LOVE to know what I am missing!] Any thinking person reading this thread could not possibly misunderstand or miss the fact that nobody has answered that - which (YET AGAIN) is all I asked for!

As is your standard operating procedure, George, you went on your typical rant (about Pam and women like Pam) in an effort to keep everyone's mind off the fact that you still can't/won't answer simple questions...this time you even introduced new scripture completely off-topic to put the focus back on ME instead of on the subject at hand!

{Will someone please let George know that the topic IS NOT "PAM"?}

George, concerning my post #4 on your other marriage thread, you know the observation that you label as "smart-alack" my observation TRUE OR FALSE? You failed to deal with THAT!

Since you both obviously feel that I am in need of instruction (and I have REPEATEDLY, SINCERELY asked for your input,) I am still waiting for answers to my posts #68, 80, and 86. You have not been interested in teaching me, only in defaming me since you first found that my position varied from yours!