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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post

You manipulate peoples words even in the way that you quote them. This is
what you chose to include of my words in your post box:

Are you trying to make me out to be a hypocrite by quoting the question that I posed to you in the same manner that you posted to me your question in order to make a point? If that is your intent, it is deceptive.

The reason why I keep responding to you is not because I feel some big need to be right and it's not because I feel obligated to because this is a forum. I respond to you because I honestly don't think you see what we are saying to you. I can't have a discussion about scripture with someone who goes into it with preconceived ideas and looks for scripture to support their position. Believers should go to scripture to find out what God says and then form their opinions based on their understanding of what God has said. Unfortunately, I have seen you come in with preconceived ideas on this thread and try to force scriptures to fit your argument. Does that make you a bad person any more than the rest of the board? I don't think so. Yet, I don't think it is pleasing to God and I don't think you will come to a deeper understanding of His Word that way.

We don't have to argue every point with someone that we don't see eye to eye on. We can agree to disagree for the time being. It's not worth disobeying clear commandments from the Lord about fomenting strife and dissensions. I'm not singling you out here, this applies to all christians. I want to edify you and be a blessing to you and I'm sure you feel the same. We all battle fleshly impulses. None of us is perfect. We must all remember that knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.

In Christ's love,

There, I'll post your entire quote instead of the part I am addressing...Is that what you want??? It was just more clear to quote the exact thing I was responding to at the time...

How in the world did I manipulate your words? All I did was to quote them verbatim!

How am I trying to make you out to be a hypocrite? I thought you asked me a sincere question, as I did you...apparently, I was wrong about that. I answered yours; you still won't answer mine!

I proved conclusively to you the relevance of the previously posted scriptures (you had questioned their relevance,) yet you refuse to accept, address, or even acknowledge that I did so. Instead, you accuse me of coming "into it with preconceived ideas." You say we should "go to scripture to find out what God says," but when I do precisely that, YOU IGNORE IT and talk about anything besides what was in the last post!!!

I realize that we are going to have to "agree to disagree," but would you please, or can you, tell me how/if I failed to prove relevance in my post #86? I would be edified and blessed (like you said was your goal) if you would SIMPLY answer my questions!