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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post

So, find us a scripture that commands believers not to marry unbelievers and we'll discuss it.

This statement (to me) clarifies your position better than anything else you have written! (I'm not 100% sure, but it seems to express the belief of others on this thread as well.) Are you suggesting that you have an explicit Bible command for every single thing that you do or don't do in life? (Now, before you accuse me of misrepresenting you again, please notice that that was a QUESTION - "Are you...; NOT, you ARE...!" It seems absurd to even have to point that out, but on this forum, I can't even quote scripture and ask how we should apply it or ask for explanation of a teaching or even ask for cross-references without y'all seeking to catch something out of my mouth, that you might accuse me!!! So, again, please remember, it's just a question!

Also, I'd like to "answer" the quote of yours that I gave above (since I affirmed that George did not answer me [post #82] and I thought that was the purpose of forums!) I do not have (and have not claimed to have) "a scripture that commands believers not to marry unbelievers," IF you are saying that the verse must contain those exact words - Again, I don't want to misrepresent you...Isn't that what you are saying??? My assertion is that it is LUDICROUS to assume that Paul would impose that standard ("only in the Lord") on widows and not on the remainder of the body of Christ! Of course, this is the point where I get accused of scripture-wresting and private interpretation, but that's ONLY because you all have rejected/dismissed glaring Bible principles (and cross-references) as irrelevant!