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As per your instructions, I don't expect a reply to would, no doubt, only be another defamatory rant anyway! However, I will address a few things that you neglected to mention...First, though, I would like to point out that I am NOT the one who took this thread off topic...unless I'm mistaken, it happened in posts #20, 34, 35, and 40; I didn't chime in on this new subject (saved/lost marriage) until #62. I don't recall you fussing on any other posters for changing the subject - I'm only mentioning this to demonstrate that you were just (like I said before) purposefully being inflammatory.

In my post #72, I clarified one of my points and gave a specific example of where YOU intentionally twisted MY words...then I asked if we could "discuss scripture or not" and if you could "do it civilly."
You did not answer!

In my post #73, I proposed that the reason that you and I were clashing might be that we had misunderstood each other's basic premise (in an effort to ease the evident tension and make way for a smooth discussion.) I asked if you agreed that that would make a difference in our discourse.
You did not answer!

In my post #74 (THIS IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!!,) I commented on your reprimand of me for using an English dictionary to look up an English word from an English Bible. Your position was that I should have a Bible definition instead. But, when I asked YOU to provide the BIBLE DEFINITION for the word ("yoked,")
You did not answer!

In my post #68 (oh, maybe THIS is my favorite...I can't decide!,) I ran a reference for "fellowship" (the parallel to "yoked" in your pet II Cor. 6:14,) and there it is in Ephesians 5...along with marriage in Ephesians 5. (My point is that when you proposed that II Cor. 6:14 could not possibly have anything to do with marriage, one of the reasons you gave was that "marriage" or any related words could not be found in II Cor. 6 or the surrounding chapters.) So, when I showed that the parallel (with clear separation teaching) DOES show up in a chapter with marriage,
You did not answer! (and, no, saying that I am "beating a dead horse" and that I already have your and your wife's testimony, does NOT constitute a Bible answer as to why your premise applies to II Cor. 6 but NOT to Ephesians 5 - that was YOUR argument, YOUR standard for the passage, yet
You did not answer!

WHY, if you only want to instruct us in the truth of God's word, would you simply rant about me personally and not answer these things? (This question is, of course, rhetorical, because you have already stated that you don't want to reply...and we all know why!)

If I may inject a little personal opinion - When someone doesn't HAVE answers, they simply resort to popular distraction tactics (rants, personal attacks, and repetiton) to keep the focus off of the original questions!