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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post

I'm not saying that I think its a good idea for believers to marry unbelievers and I'm not saying scripture doesn't teach that it shouldn't be done, I just don't see any of the verses that you've referenced that say so.

What is going on? I was SOOOO trying to SUPPORT you! And the above quote (from your second post) says that you are still "not saying scripture doesn't teach that it shouldn't be done..." (How does that constitute changing your opinion?) The fact that you don't believe my scripture references back it up is not related to that statement!

I apologize profusely for making you feel that I misrepresented what you said; I sincerely hope that it is obvious from this post that that was not my intent! And if I've misunderstood and commented out-of-line on this post, I apologize in advance!

I cannot for the life of me understand, though, why everyone that has posted on here believes that all the clear scripture passages that teach that saved people should separate from lost people can apply to friend relationships, work/business relationships, etc. but cannot apply to the most intimate human relationship of all - marriage! CAN ANYONE PLEASE ADDRESS THAT???