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Originally Posted by Revangelist View Post
Eternal security is a careless doctrine. From God's point of view, He offers it eternally. However, to say we can never lose our salvation is nonsense. Why so many warnings in the NT? The major cop-out is "well, he was never really saved in the first place". Oh,, no? Well, then who will he pray to next time? That "plucking out of the hand" scriptures says noting about someone walking out and away from God of their own free will. Do you really believe the Bible teaches that once you get saved, you can't decide to walk away, later? I had an atheist tell me he was a devoted Christian for a lot of years and he just decided it wasn't real and walked away. So, you say he wasn't saved in the first place? That is careless and presumptuous.

For every Scripture you produce to prove eternal security, I can find one that counters it.
I have listed the majority of verses that I have found in regards to "Salvation" on my web page: - under the section "Bible Lesson" ("Verses on Salvation").

There approximately 14 pages of verses indicating you can't lose it; and about 3 pages indicating that you can lose it. That's nearly 5 to 1 against your proposition.

I have produced the evidence for those of us who believe in the preservation of the saints - please produce (back up your claim: "For every Scripture you produce to prove eternal security, I can find one that counters it.") your evidence.

And why? WHY would anyone, who knows anything about our sinful nature ever think that we can "keep" our salvation? - if we could, then Christ has died in vain. WHY would anyone cling to the belief (hope?) that we can lose it?

My hope (only hope) is in the sacrifice and shed blood of my Lord. If what He did (By His sinless life & His death and His shed blood) is not enough to not only save me from my "past" sins, but from ALL my sins - then I am in "deep trouble" and so are you my friend.

If there is any man who has ever lived that has been able to thwart the eternal purposes of God then what you say would be true. But I know that no one has, or ever will be able to walk "out and away from God of their own free will".
2 Corinthians 1:21 Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God;
22 Who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.

We are in the Father's hand and in the Son's hand and we have been "sealed" by the Holy Spirit of God - who is the man that can break that bond? NO ONE!