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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
If GT can make it through the gauntlet of this forum and still have some hair and hide left, I'll give him a Th.D too.

You meanies that keep picking on him about his "extreme" position, take a look at his picture! He's a BABY still. Wet behind the ears and green top-to-bottom. He'll wake up one day and realize that the degrees really don't matter all that much, unless one is intending to turn them into cash or men's praise. My father always downplayed his Th.D, though it was a very tough process to complete for him as a pastor of a small church with little income or time.

GT has roots in the KJB. One day he will see the truth. I feel confident about that. That change will be delayed by the beatings, however. Brethren! Smile, shake his hand, pat him on the shoulder, and let him know you love his fervor. Then if you feel the need to, pop him on the back of the head when he's not looking.

Aloha Brother Tim,

If you can show me (from the Scriptures) where the Lord Jesus Christ ever dealt with a 25 year old MAN (not a child) in the manner in which you are suggesting, I will do exactly that. But if you cannot demonstrate (from the Scriptures) that what you are suggesting (i.e. handle him with kid gloves) is the "scriptural" way to deal with him, then I will continue "to calls them as I sees them". {Check out Matthew 19:16-22 - The Lord didn't cut that young man "any slack", because he was "young" - and neither should we.}

The idea that young men (a "pastor" in this case) can be EXCUSED for their wrong doing or sin comes from Humanistic Psychiatry/Psychology and has NO BASIS in the Holy Bible. In spite of what our "culture" believes - "Childhood" does NOT extend into a person's 20's. In the Old Testament a male of twenty years of age was considered to be a man and was required to defend his country (Israel), if he was able, as a soldier - and NOT as a child, but as a MAN! [Numbers 1:3 From twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel: thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies.]

And not only that, but the priests of Israel "did the work for the service of the house of the LORD, from the age of twenty years and upward." [1 Chronicles 23:24]

And so we have the Biblical testimony (Definition) as to what age God considers a young male - A "MAN". Today when a young man goes into the ministry, he is supposed to faithfully "serve" the Lord and "minister" to the Lord's "house" (i.e. the church); and he is also going into a "war". This "work" is for MEN - NOT Children. Children DID NOT DO "the work for the service of the house of the LORD" and they DID NOT GO TO "WAR". If "greektim" is to be treated as a "child" - he shouldn't be in the ministry, if he is going to be in the ministry, then we shouldn't be treating him as a child!

The willingness to "go easy" on those who name the name of Christ - just because they are considered young, is foreign to Scripture and is a recent development from our Humanistic society. {Remember Jordan?}

I tend to "go easy" on the lost (most of them don't know better) and on "new" Christians (who are babes in Christ) as long as they are "sincere", but those who have been saved for some time (especially "pastors") are without excuse!