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Originally Posted by boaz212 View Post
I want to know what's the more effective way to learn the KJV issue and it's manuscript evidence. What started my journey to the KJV is first learning that there are a bunch of vereses missing in the NIV Bible I was using. Then I read "Let's Weigh the Evidence" by Barry Burton. By then I was convinced by what the author presented. Then I read some small booklets written by Dr. Ruckman and his book on manuscript evidence. I think the last book I read a few years ago was "Final Authority" by Grady.
I still have a lot to learn as you can see. I want to know what books you would recommend for beginners? and for someone like me?
Thanks for your help.
Aloha brother Boaz212,

The following are some links for a more in-depth examination of the "Which Bible" issue:

A letter outlining the "Which Bible" Controversy - which includes a partial list of several books covering the subject of "Which Bible".:

I also have a short "synopsis" of many of the books covering the subject of "Which Bible". I have personally read every book that I have listed and if you are interested, you can find the list (with the synopsis) at this link:

An essay on why I believe the King James Bible:

Two essays by Moses LemuelRaj on "The Inspiration of Scripture:

The "synopsis" of the Books that I have read and studied might help you choose which book (books) to start with, etc.