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Originally Posted by MC1171611 View Post
I find it sad, really. A man who is so tied up on one single issue that he cannot see past and reacts with such bile when entreated is unbiblical and very disturbing. I too have a lot of respect for George, but as a result of this thread I'm reconsidering some things.

George, if you think Bro. Estep is a heretic, then so be it. Regardless of what you'll say to the contrary, I provided Scripture to show that regardless of the situation, the response from you was unwarranted. Ignore me if you like; I really couldn't care less. I don't need validation from you, Atlas, or anyone else. I appreciate a brother publicly standing with me on an issue, but "let God be true, but every man a liar." When someone is overemphasized for any reason, like has been done on this topic with Bro. Estep (again, a man I know personally and I have seen the fruits of his work first-hand), the Lord Jesus Christ and His word are removed from the spotlight, and replaced with a man that had a doctrine wrong. Regardless of what's on the pedestal for whatever reason, it's still wrong. God wants the glory, and I must say He got very little glory after you began posting about Bro. Estep.

Have you "conveniently" FORGOTTEN, that I did not Post anything about Greg Estep in about 400 Posts - UNTIL (AND NOT UNTIL) Atlas recommended him? Hmmm? And if you and Atlas ever stop extolling his supposed virtues and what a "good" and "godly" man he is, you can be assured I will stop.

Until then, keep on supporting the man; because you know him personally (respect of persons) or because of his "good works" (faulty judgment) , and I will continue to expose him for what he truly is: A FALSE TEACHER and a HERETIC!

Both you and Atlas have refused to deal with 1/10 of the charges that I have brought forth (from his own lips), and instead have engaged in subterfuge and mis-direction.