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Default Re: Greg Estep - "The Doctrine of Submission"

Originally Posted by aussiemama View Post
I already read your article and couldn't make proper sense of it which is why I was asking for an explanation of what he believes rather than a repost of an article I didn't understand anyway.

Aloha Aussiemama,

What I posted is not just "a repost of an article" from my web site. I have three articles on my web site under the Subject Heading - "Christ's Church":

#1. "The Doctrine of Submission" - A Scriptural Examination Thereof {52 PAGES}

"The Doctrine of Submission" - Quotes Without Comments {35 PAGES}

"The Doctrine of Submission" -Selected Quotes {9 PAGES}

I posted part of my article (#3.) but with the addition of the questions (in blue). Since I don't know which of the three articles you read, I cannot respond to your rather curious comment.

However, if you cannot understand that the quotes (by Greg Estep - in "Italics") that I cite came from a four tape (audio) teaching series taught by Greg Estep , and are "his actual words" - stating what he believes in regards to "pastoral authority"; his concept of "the church"; and various other subjects, then I'm sorry - I have tried my best to convey (in his words - not mine) what the man believes..

A very good Christian friend of mine (Ed Burch) and I spent hundreds of hours accurately transcribing just part (the most corrupt parts) of the 4 tape audio series taught by Estep (and sold through his church).

You (and anyone else on this Forum) now have a choice of whether to believe that what we transcribed was accurate and true to "the original" or whether Ed Burch and I are Liars!

I am testifying to you (and anyone else), that we took great pains (and hundreds of hours) to accurately transcribe exactly what Greg Estep said on the tapes. Now, you can believe us, or you can choose not to believe us - it's your choice. However, you will notice, that in all three articles (essays) I never carelessly called him a
"fundie pope" or an "idiot" (as you did David Cloud, with whom, I also strongly disagree with in many areas.)

I try real hard not to get into the "name calling" game, and instead, I try to accurately describe people whom I believe to be - Humanists; Sophists; False Teachers; False Prophets; False brethren; Heretics; Apostates; etc.; etc. with the actual word that accurately describes them, rather than childish "name calling".

By the testimony of the 4 tape series on "The Doctrine of Submission", Greg Estep (by his own words) has proven himself to be a "false teacher" and is clearly a "heretic". Whether he was instrumental in leading people to Christ; baptizing them; building a church; etc.; etc.; is besides the point (Billy Graham and Jack Van Impe were far more successful at winning souls and both are apostate).

Over a period of nearly three years (in the process of transcribing) I must have heard Estep's "Doctrine of Submission" at least 10 times, and not only is it "False Doctrine", it is some of the worst Bible "teaching" that I have heard in the 50 years that I have been saved. How good, godly, Bible believing Christians could have been taken in by this man, is beyond my comprehension. It must be "respect of persons" - because nothing else can explain why a genuine King James Bible believer would be fooled by this man or his followers - No, not for a minute!

For the record: I cannot think of a more pernicious and destructive doctrine than "THE DOCTRINE OF SUBMISSION" (taught by Greg Estep). Almost all other False Doctrines and Heresies "pale" in comparison, because this abominable "Doctrine" seeks to remove and displace the Lord Jesus Christ from His rightful place in HIS church; and put in HIS place a mere man (a sinner).

If you do not "see" this, if you cannot "understand" this, I'm afraid that there is nothing more that I can do to help you. However, my Bible is real clear as to what I am to do about Greg Estep and any of his "protege's" or "followers":

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and AVOID them.

Titus 3:10 A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition REJECT;

And that's exactly what I intend to do!

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