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atlas 09-13-2008 03:30 PM

Ruckman Reference Bible
To all,

Do you all know that Dr. Ruckman has his own study Bible coming out at the end of the year? It will be called The Ruckman Reference Bible. I will be glad to see Bible come out. Has anyone heard any updates on the Ruckman Reference Bible?


I talked to them about it a few months ago and have not heard any news about it lately.


stephanos 09-14-2008 06:01 PM

Wow, cool! This should be interesting. Good find.

Peace and Love,

atlas 09-14-2008 06:10 PM


Yes it will be a good deal. I hope it comes out soon.


Cody1611 09-15-2008 07:27 AM

Bro. Ruckman told me it would be quite awhile before it is done. He told me this in July when he came to East Tennessee. But when it does get done it will have A LOT of notes in it. Hopefully it will come out soon as possible though.

atlas 09-15-2008 10:05 AM



Bro. Ruckman told me it would be quite awhile before it is done.

Did he give you any idea how long, any idea at all?

It's good to see you by the way my friend.


Cody1611 09-15-2008 08:08 PM

No, he just said awhile. I guess you could just keep calling the bookstore and asking them when they think it will be done.

stephanos 09-16-2008 12:34 AM

I wonder if it will be a PCE.

Peace and Love,

atlas 09-16-2008 09:09 AM


I have no idea about this question. That would be very nice indeed if it was going to be a PCE. I'll try to ask that the next time I call. I'll call and make an order later and I'll report back on this and other questions.


atlas 09-17-2008 12:45 PM


I called in and made an order I also ask about the Ruckman Reference Bible. I was it will be out in Jan. or Feb. of 2009. I was told that they are now working on the appendix, and needed to make sure all of the information is correct. I ask if it was going to be like the Thompson Reference Bible, Dake Study Bible or Scofield Study Bible. It will be on the format of the Scofield Study Bible. IE: Center Column Reference. I guess they will also be doing footnotes, she said something about footnotes but I do not recall what was said. She was in a hurry. She had other calls coming in.

I'm kind of glad that the Ruckman Reference Bible will come out 100 years to the year after the Scofield Study Bible. It is my hope that the Ruckman Reference Bible will have the same affect as the Scofield Study Bible had in the early 1900's. J. Frank Norris gave the IFB of their guts, and Dr. C.I. Scofield gave most of them their basic theology in the early 1900's to the later part of the 1900's.

The IFB's built their churches on the methodology of J. Frank Norris. Then they used the Scofield Study Bible to teach their members and their IFB college students theology. I hope that we will be able to use the Ruckman Reference Bible for our new study Bible. It's my hope that we can and will go back to Dr. J. Frank Norris methodology on church building. The dirty little secret is that every big IFB church in our nation now has left the Frank Norris style of church building. For some reason hard preaching and repentance has left many of the main line IFB churches. Maybe we can get back to basic IFB roots and styles of Bible study and Bible based church building.

Right as Dr. J. Frank Norris took First Baptist Fort Worth the Scofield Study Bible came out, all in the same year 1909. I think this may have been part of God's plan. It is my hope that the Lord will use the Ruckman Reference Bible just as he used the Scofield Study Bible. If the church is not to lukewarm to use this new resource we may have some hope. Please pray for this work and that it will have a good impact for the Lord and help rebuild the IFB movement.


ericwgreene 09-17-2008 12:54 PM

I personally prefer the Reformation Study Bible published by Ligonier Ministries and/or the Evidence Bible published by Living Waters. Also, I use the Ryrie Study Bible as well. I find each one helps my ministry.

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