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biblereader 06-07-2009 07:01 AM

Dear Mr. Tony:
Thank you for your care and compassion. Not to worry, my brother-in-law operates and owns, partly, a funeral home in Wisconsin. It used to be only in his name, Tyborski Funeral Home, but, they merged with another partner.
About 30 years ago, I went with my brother in law to pick up a dead body from a house. The funeral home has been in the family for years, so, I"m not put off by morticians. They're some of the friendliest people I know!
She has no fracture, and no pressure on the brain, THANK YOU GOD!

Isn't it awful, how kids gang up on another kid, and beat on him/her?
Ganging up on someone, and beating on them, is a cowardly way to settle your differences.
You would think, too, that ADULTS would never gang up on someone, and try to tear them apart, but, I guess we are all at different levels of maturity, eh?
I find out more and more that there are a lot of adults who have not quite grown up.
Childhood bullies are really cowards. I'm sure you know that, but, it didn't make ya feel any better when you were a kid. Going through all that.
So, how long have you been a mortician? Tell me more.
I'm always interested in learning about other people's professions. What was the funniest thing that happened, and what was the scariest?
I dated a mortician while in high school, and the guys, when they had to spend the night in the funeral home, would play tricks on each other. It was hilarious, and a healthy way to let off tension.


Originally Posted by tonybones2112 (Post 21746)
Sister, one thing you do NOT want to tell her is that my background in trauma medicine is from my work as a mortician. If there is any possible a way for a human to die, I've seen it. I am not a doctor though I had training as a paramedic but was unable to serve in that capacity because an auto accident of my own. But when I saw someone who had a concussion who went out the next day and washed their car or cleaned the house or pushed a truck out of the snow and ended up on my embalming table, it became clear to me a concussion is nothing to mess with. It's an injury to the brain, she needs to stay still and quiet and NOT worry, she'll recover from it FULLY. I was beaten more times than I care to remember by other children as a child, had several concussions and never even knew it. Dad had no money or insurance to take me to the ER everytime I was beaten. I've had two concussions from two auto accidents as an adult, and can tell you and her she'll be fine. I am guessing there was no fracture, even then she just needs to take it easy a few weeks and not exert herself and by God's grace she'll be back to normal soon.

Grace and peace to you


biblereader 06-23-2009 03:19 PM

Thank you, whoever you were, for the prayers. Things are better now.

Pray for my husband and I to have a safe trip back home. I'm out of town right now, using a business center computer to reply here.

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