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PaulB 07-06-2009 10:27 AM

Some interesting articles
Hi Guys/girls Ė Are any of you familiar with the following links?

The first web site has quite a decent coverage of the Bible version issue (I think that they are Plymouth Brethren, but never the less, their study on the KJB in comparison with modern versions is interesting). It is worth checking out just to see what some of you may make of it:



This guy defends the KJB


This site covers the fallacies of higher criticism


This one covers the TR


Another site that covers divine preservation.

I have posted these to see if anyone here is familiar with them or that someone may see them as beneficial. We all havenít studied everything that is out there so I thought that it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the links.

I do not support every link that I post, neither do I subscribe to the doctrinal beliefs of them all (just in case anyone thinks that I have something to push). This is a KJB forum, so I love to see the interaction between us KJB believers (whether they be positive or negative) so that we are sharing what is valuable and rightly marking that which is questionable. I donít know, some of you may be friendly with one or two of theses guys?

Hope that there is something on these sites that bless someone.

God bless


Steven Avery 07-06-2009 05:06 PM

Hi PaulB,

While you might "learn" a bit about the inferior loosy-goosey deficient and anti-inspired translation methods of modern versions, the Gospel Hall material is a mess, from a quick check they do not even notice that the modern versions are from a totally different (and very corrupt) text. You would do better learning the same type of information from a D. A. Waite or David Cloud or AV1611 website-style presentation. (btw .. I only looked at the subject names and a couple of sentences, the conclusion, that was enough for me to come to my conclusion.)

Similarly the Skypoint (Robert Waltz) material will definitely steer you very wrong. It is very easy to have a jumbo of factoids totally skewed and misunderstood, and that is what RW gives you, due to his indoctrination into the alexandrian cult, where the ultra-corrupt wescott-hort text is embraced as the wonder of their day.

The "higher criticism" article is likely to be very mixed, since it is very difficult to counter "higher criticism" if you do not really believe that God has preserved his word tangibly, in the Bible available to the ploughman, and even the scholar.

Steven Avery

PaulB 07-07-2009 09:21 AM

The Links
Thanks Steven,

Your reply is very helpful. Even though I donít doubt the KJB in any way & fully accept that it is the preserved word of God I love to learn as much as I can about it. It is such a fascinating subject and I tend to get a little bit enthralled with it. Like I have hinted at in the past I donít accept everything that anyone says on their web sites, neither do I adhere to many of the doctrinal beliefs of the sites that I place on the forum. But I do tend to do as much research as I can so that I am better equipped to assert the convictions that I hold (as that is how I came across this forum).

If a web site is flawed in its KJB defence then a forum such as this proves to be a valuable tool in revealing such flaws, which is why I posted the links that I did. I know that a lot of you guys have been testing the waters on this subject for a lot longer than I have so your comments are always helpful.

Thanks once again Steven

God bless


PaulB 07-07-2009 03:07 PM

Ps - Are there any good online pdf books/links or studies that anyone on this forum would recommend as solid, tested and approved? I may be familiar with many of them, but someone may have something out there that could be worth sharing with us all.

God bless


magicref 07-09-2009 09:24 AM

Good posts
Hi PaulB,

Thanks for the posts. I always enjoy seeing these other perspectives, and appreciate the links.

The History of the English Bible article was good, but sadly ends with this statement: "Protestants today are largely unaware of their own history, and unaware of the Geneva Bible which is textually 95% the same as the King James Version, but 50 years older than the King James Version, and not influenced by the Roman Catholic Rheims New Testament. Nevertheless, the King James Bible turned out to be an excellent and accurate translation, and it became the most printed book in the history of the world, and the only book with one billion copies in print. In fact, for over 250 years until the appearance of the English Revised Version of 1881-1885, the King James Version reigned without much of a rival."

Doug A.

PaulB 07-11-2009 09:38 AM

additional links & thoughts
There was an interesting site on the net called www.keithhunt.com that has since disappeared. He did a history of the Bible and just when I thought that he was coming to the conclusion that the JKB was the preserved word of God he decided that the NKJV was the best!

Before I get pulled up on any form of allegiance to the site I have already come to the conclusion that his theology was very questionable to say the least. Did anyone else come across this guy and what were your conclusions?

I also thought that the guy (whoís site has also since vanished from the web) www.exorthodoxforchrist.com did a very extensive work on defending the KJB and its underlying text was worth looking at. Even though I did manage to download everything that he said on the subject I would still like to know who this guy is and did anyone else come across his site before it vanished?

At first, the title of his web site put me off from even looking at it but when I did he came across as very orthodox for Christ.

Has anyone on this forum got any thoughts or connections with these people? As Iíll look forward to hearing from you.

God bless


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