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CKG 01-24-2009 02:10 PM

New Version - "Holy Bible in Its Original Order"
The "Holy Bible in Its Original Order" was advertised in World Magazine which is supposed to be somewhat of a conservative publication (although reformed in theology). No wonder there is so much confusion in American Christianity.:tsk:




PB1789 01-26-2009 06:12 AM

Caution Light is ON !
CKG:--- "If it's new it ain't true--and if if it's true, it ain't new."

Be careful. I read the links and then did some more homework and some :spy: work, including looking at a You Tube review of the item...and it looks like it is a translation/version that changes some words around, and (big surprise) it seems to have used a (one) guy for the Greek-to-English translating , and a (one) guy for the Hebrew-to-English tranlating, and then they brought in a English Professor to "smooth out" the wording...

:rolleyes: I think we have heard this song before. The A.V./K.J. used the brains of several men for the OT and the NT, and then had each other cross-check the work they had done.

The "New" edition-Trans/Version says it puts the Bible in it's Original Order....If you or anyone else wants to know which Bible books were written in what order (time period-Century) then get yourself a "Halley's Bible Handbook", and/or a Bible Dictionary or a "Thompson-Chain Reference Bible" or an "Open Bible". They have the Introductions to the Books and who wrote what Book, when and where and why (what audience).

Also... Be Careful/Cautious/Aware that the Publisher/Seller is called "Biblical Christian Church of God". Does sound like a nice thing... After all who would refer to their group as "Un-Biblical non-Christian Tax-Shelter org"..??

It appears that he/they are a break-off or remnant of Herbert Armstrong's World Wide Church of God. A group with a bunch of doctrinal boo-boos. If in doubt about the WWCOG and their odd (tilt) beliefs, read: "The Kingdom of The Cults" by Walter Martin.

:gossip: IMO- Save your money, but if you really want to spend some $$, then put it in the envelope at Church and mark it for "Missions" , or pack a "Care" package for a Soldier and put in a paperback copy of a KJV and some foot powder/hard candies/chewing gum/powdered fruit juice packets, and maybe an invitation to attend Church with you when he gets back from overseas.

Just_A_Thought 01-26-2009 07:03 AM

"It is indeed the first English translation of the complete combined Old Testament and New Testament." - What are they talking about? More books to the Bible? If so what books? I don't get what they are talking about. :confused:

PeterAV 01-26-2009 10:52 AM

Just A Thought,
I think they are concerned with just the order of the materials in certain books.
For instance, much of Kings and Chronicles have double stories. Repeating the same incident.
I think he would like to put them together. Verses with verses.
But the way the wording is, he seems to think that he knows the exact date of each book of the Bible, or is at least convinced enough to choose it.
Thereby making a new Bible.
Dates are hard things to pin point.
Why, even most of Christendumb think that Jesus was born Dec. 25th.
Would you be outside at night time with your flock Dec. 25th...IN THE FIELD?
No, you would have them brought home for shelter against the elements.
Ooops! Egg on My face.
Just looked up the weather in Israel, and the temps are quite nice. 60 to 70 for the highs, and 45 to 50 for the lows. Tel Aviv is even warmer with temps going up to 80.
But then it was 2000 years ago, and weather patterns may have had slight changes over the years, but it would have been an average.

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