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Amanda S. 07-25-2009 09:30 PM


Bro. Brandon said: Sister Amanda, I know you agree. We should use the "words" that are given to us in the the inspired, infallible, preserved, Holy written word of God. The pastor is not identified or called a "shepherd," but he is called an "overseer" by scripture.

Insofar as the Body of Christ is concerned, he is the only one called a shepherd. (My prior statements should be understood in that context -- sorry if I wasn't clear enough.)
After a lot of thinking and mulling over this thread, Bro. Brandon I'd like to say that you do bring up a great point. While I certainly think the duties of a pastor/shepherd are the same or similar there has to be a reason that the Bible doesn't call the men in these offices in the NT "shepherd"...I will concede. :D You are right. :o

Now, I am off to study what, if any, differences there could be between a pastor and shepherd :)

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