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hamite1212 08-18-2008 09:41 AM

New 3D animation addition The Rapture
Hello Brothers and Sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ. I put this up to let you guys be the first to know that my wife is in the process to create a short film of four to seven minutes of the Rapture. It is going to be a rough four weeks for such a task but the Lord wants it. We cannot promise that it will be Pixar type quality but it will have quality to enjoy what we are all excited about. THE RAPTURE of our blood washed souls! It will be included in "The Sissy" and again handled through Chick Publications. I love Brother Jack Chick and with him having David Daniels and others it's a joy to be involved with them in fishing with nets for the lost. Again, the DVD is free of charge to missionaries only that are truly working the field and need a tool to bring the fish in. Remember, fish love the bait not the hook but in this case the fish love the hook later when they realize the love of the Lord and not going to Hell.

I cannot disclose any about the short story but believe me you will see bodies being zapped out and seeing HIM! Of course HE will be cartoon type figure but the Church has lost a lot of joy on looking for that Blessed Day when we are caught up in the Sky and see HIM!!! And the enjoyment of a new body, mind and heart!!!

Pray for such a task that my wife has to do and there will be no voices but music and HIM coming for us. Also, Brother Pete Ruckman mentioned that the Rapture is the most important project since many Christians are forgetting that it's coming and there's a crown for those who love HIS appearing.

Respectfully serving the Lord Jesus Christ

Steve and Claudia West


Biblestudent 08-18-2008 11:03 AM

I pray you finish this project sooner before the Rapture occurs! God bless you all!

TheBibleSender 08-31-2008 08:28 PM

I tried viewing the Jack is back movie but it will not start. God bless. :)

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