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Ripdood 07-09-2009 06:18 PM

Brother George,

Thank you for your kind words about my wife. They are much appreciated.

May the LORD bless you and yours muchly.

chette777 07-09-2009 06:23 PM

It looks like despite the conflict Pam is truly loved by the brethren.

Jen, she is still growing that is for sure and I am just guessing but she may have went to a public school or somehow someone helped her to learn to reason in what we call sophist. I used to argue that way but I never knew there was a Greek Society behind it. we are taught it either through our teachers or through our families and today TV.

George is right this Sophist thinking is now part of the "Greek" reasoning at most Christian Bible Colleges and Seminaries. I guess being Greek is the in thing with these guys. Paul Says the Greek seeketh wisdom

George 07-09-2009 08:16 PM

Re: "Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?"

Originally Posted by greenbear (Post 23548)
Brother George,

I want to apologize if I hurt you in any way by trying to reach Pam. I recognize the scriptural principle you are following and that you have decades of experience that I don't have the benefit of. But I have to go with what I feel the Lord wants me to do. Maybe I'm wrong. I also apologize if in my posts #61 and 62 it seemed I took lightly what Pam had written about you. That is absolutely not the case. I was delirious with exhaustion by that point and I saw the absurdity of what she had done and sometimes something can become so ridiculous that it strikes me as almost humorous. Sort of like the saying 'If you don't laugh you will cry." Or a release of tension. I am sorry if I added anything to the pain it must have caused you. I hope you know how much respect I have for you. You and Renee have been such a blessing to me and to my marriage.

I hope you don't quit posting or leave the board because in my opinion and I believe in many other member's opinions that would be a great loss.

In Christ's love,


Aloha sister Jennifer,

I am pleased that you have decided to remain on the AV1611 Bible Forums. Both you and sister Jassy have been a blessing and a profitable addition to our "family".

I have never seen anything that you posted that has been offensive to me. Where I might disagree with you is not worth fighting over. You have always been circumspect and considerate in your posts, and I greatly appreciate your conduct here. (so there is no need to apologize - for you haven't done a thing to offend me.)

I have been calling myself "the old curmudgeon" for some time now, and it has always been "tongue in cheek" :rolleyes: - that is with a touch of humor ;).

I know that I can come across "hard" at times, but there are certain things that I will not abide, and at 69 years of age I can afford to be a bit of an "old curmudgeon". :D But I can assure you that my "bark" is worse than my "bite", and in regards to both you and sister Jassy, if either one of you were to leave this Forum, you would be missed! :(

If I may - I would advise you to never let another Christian's "conduct" determine your own. I have determined, with the time that the Lord gives me, to walk with the Lord and to only trust Him, and if NO ONE else wants to follow Him, I am determined to follow Him - regardless of what any other Christian may do or say!

Give my regards to your husband - he is a most fortunate man, as I am also. :)

Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

Jassy 07-09-2009 09:37 PM

Brothers and Sisters,

I have a few things to say to several of you.

Sister Jen, you are very dear to me. I would grieve if you left this Forum. I greatly admire the way that you stand up for what you believe in. That is a gift that you have! I also admire the way that you humbly seek forgiveness, whenever you feel that you have offended someone. It is actually not the case, as I see it, but some may wrongly perceive it that way.

Please don't leave the Forum, Jen!!

Sister Pam, although I do welcome new members to the forum, and it is always interesting getting to know these new members, what I find to be very difficult to handle, is when a new member says offensive things to the beloved, long-term members here. Especially when those members are older, as I said in my previous post. We ought to look towards them with RESPECT, as an elder in the Lord. Sister, that is a BIBLICAL concept!

I want to tell you that the products that I ordered from your farm are top quality and I am very pleased with them. In no way do I let what happens here affect any other aspect, and I'm happy to continue to do business with you. The handmade soaps that I purchased are wonderful and have truly benefitted my skin! The natural lip balms are so smooth and full of moisture, that I find no other natural balm that can compare! So, I thank you for those products and I would like to highly recommend them to others.

Brother George, you didn't deserve any of the criticism that has been presented in any of these posts. I have been much edified by the contributions that you have made here at the Forum. In my humble opinion, sister Pam was very out-of-line in her attitude and her behavior was not befitting of a good Christian woman. You and your wife, Renee, are such a loving example to me, of what a true Christian marriage consists of.

Brother Chette, you are a wonderful brother in the Lord and I have been honored to view the humbleness by which you conduct yourself. It is very edifying for me and shows true love for the brothers and sisters.

Brother Ripdood, you are new here - but it appears that you are going to be a very valuable addition to our little family here at the Forum and I welcome you. I also want to say that I'm very sorry for your loss of such a loving wife. The pain that you feel with that was very evident. What you posted about her was lovely to see. It gives me great hope that one day I may be blessed to find a husband that cherishes me that much and enjoy a marriage like that.

Brother Brandon, it behooves me to emphasize how much I appreciate the Forum here and I thank you for starting it and managing it. I'm sure that is not an easy task at times. You don't know what a wonderful blessing this Forum has been for me. For that reason, I keep my patience and believe that we can all stand together as brothers and sisters in Christ and put that above any personal interests that we each may have. The BODY OF CHRIST is what is vital.

Brother Tony, I'm very glad that you are back! I always learn so much from your posts!

Brother Luke, your posts are also very edifying for me.

To all the other brothers and sisters that I haven't mentioned - I appreciate all of you, for what you contribute here. Even the negative things have at times been for my edification... because I learn how I am to conduct myself, or how NOT conduct myself. I apologize that I have neglected to mention each and every one of you, but you are all precious in the Lord to me, of that I assure you.

TO EVERYONE: I may not always join in discussions... but you can be sure that I am reading and learning here. This Forum has made me want to study the Bible more and to one day be skilled in debate - so that I can present the TRUTH with confidence!

Christian Love and Peace to all the Believers here!

chette777 07-09-2009 10:18 PM

Praise be to our Lord forever and ever. Glory to our God.

greenbear 07-09-2009 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by chette777 (Post 23580)
Praise be to our Lord forever and ever. Glory to our God.


custer 07-09-2009 11:16 PM


My daughter says to tell you "thank you" for your apron order! Those are usually custom-made-to-order, so we will be contacting you to discuss the details.

In answer to your questions:
Yes, I got saved in 1980...and
Yes, I am perfectly capable of posting in humility and love.


Thank you for your kind comments; I am thrilled that you have been pleased with your soap and lip balm! I feel very blessed that the Lord has given me the inclination and ability to produce these healthy things!


I haven't forgotten about getting those soap recipes to you; I just haven't had time to get them typed up and sent...hopefully soon!


Is the thread topic discussion OVER?


Jassy 07-10-2009 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by chette777 (Post 23580)
Praise be to our Lord forever and ever. Glory to our God.

Amen! :amen:

Steve Schwenke 07-10-2009 09:07 PM

Folks, I haven't been on this forum in awhile, but for some weird reason, this thread caught my eye. I have not read the Love and Race thread (don't intend too...time thing, ya' know!!!), but it is evident that there is some carry over from that thread. Here are my observations:

Despite Custer's "loud" objections, they have merit. George, you never answered her arguments. You just slammed her for "attacking" you, which I don't think she did. She may have been very forceful in her arguments, but she made valid points, and gave you 17 verses that you never answered her on.

The Judges 14:18 passage (which I realize is a sidelight to the main event) was interesting. I was raised in an independent, fundamental Baptist church, Christian school, etc. I have NEVER heard that this refered to "marital relations." I have always heard it as Custer put it. They used her against Samson to get information. The text is clear. If the 30 of them had raped her, chances are she would be dead...like the woman in Judges 19, which really showed the depths of depravity in Israel. The three commentaries somebody provided didn't deal with the context. It certainly shows how sheltered I have been in my life, but it doesn't prove that the passage MUST be interpretted to mean that they raped her, or abused her. The context is clear - they used her to get information to put Samson in a bad position, and he knew it.

In the end, good discussion. Heat is good. It is better when there are two sides discussing the issue, even if it is a little "hot." Too bad nobody bothered to answer the main points of Custer's arguments!

In the end, it was nice to see everyone cool down. We may not all agree, but we are all on the same side, and we are all fighting the same enemies!

In Christ
Pastor Steve Schwenke

George 07-10-2009 11:57 PM

Re: "Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?"

"Despite Custer's "loud" objections, they have merit. George, you never answered her arguments. You just slammed her for "attacking" you, which I don't think she did. She may have been very forceful in her arguments, but she made valid points, and gave you 17 verses that you never answered her on."
Aloha Steve,

For your information: After clashing with custer on the "Love & Race" Thread, I notified her (on 06/10/09) that I would NOT respond to any more of her Posts (had you bothered to read the Thread you would have known that). This is the problem with you judging a matter without knowing all of the facts.

I have Posted approximately 875 Posts on the Forum in the last year and a half. I am not "obligated" to deal with "Christians" who twist my wife's words and my words; and take them out of context; and make them say things we did NOT say; and on top of that - call me a LIAR! :eek:

For many years now, I refuse to have anything to do with "Christians" who twist, wrest, and change my words (or God's words) and who cause divisions.

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

WHY would you "comment" about an issue on which you don't have all the facts and won't take the time to read and research them?

Your comment:

" I have not read the Love and Race thread (don't intend too...time thing, ya' know!!!), "
And for your information her so-called "points" do NOT have any "merit", and in addition I do not consider what transpired on this Thread or on the "Love & Marriage Thread" a "good discussion"; edifying; or profitable at all!

Anyone who Posts more than 50% of their Posts (27 out of 52 - at last count) in regards to just one individual on the Forum, and all of those Posts are negative, criticizing, baiting, and contentious) is not looking for a "good discussion"! :eek:

In case you want to do some research here are the Posts of interest in both Threads:

Love and Race

George (1st. Post – Reply to sister Jassy > 06/03/09)

Renee (George’s wife – 1st. Post – Reply to sister Jassy)

custer (1st. Post – Reply to Diligent)

George (2nd. Post – Reply to Diligent)

custer (2nd. Post – N/A)

George (3rd. Post – Reply to biblereader)

custer (3rd. Post – Twist’s & Changes Renee’s “words”!)

custer (4th. Post – Twist’s & Changes George’s “words”!)

custer (5th. Post – N/A)

custer (6th. Post – comment on George’s Post)

George (4th. Post – reply to custer’s Post #63, where she Twisted & Changed George’s “words”!) )

custer (7th. Post – Reply to George)

custer (8th. Post – Reply to George)

custer (9th. Post – Reply to George)

George (5th. Post – reply to various custer’s Posts > where she attacks George.)
George’s FINAL POST (06/10/09) to custer:
{“Don't expect any more personal "replies" from me in regards to anything more you may have to say on this Forum. I refuse to have a "Cat Fight" with an emancipated Westernized "Christian" woman, who thinks she knows everything and who refuses to receive instruction. There is NO PROFIT in it!”}


custer (10th. & 11th. Posts – Replies to greenbear)

custer (12th. Post – Reply to George)

custer (13th. Post – Reply to George)

custer (14th. Post – Reply to greenbear)

custer (15th. Post – Reply to greenbear)

custer (16th. Post – Reply to greenbear)

custer (16th. Post – Reply to greenbear)

George (6th. Post – to greenbear in regards to custer)

custer (17th. Post – Reply to greenbear)

custer (18th. Post – Reply to greenbear > Last Post on Thread)

The Totals on this Thread:

Custer = 8 Posts (in reply to George and/or Renee - All Negative )

George = 2 Posts (in reply to custer’s Posts – Admonishing, Reproving, and Rebuking )

Biblical Marriage - "Joined Together" or "Yoked Together"?

George (Original Thread – Addressed to the Forum

custer (1st. Post – “ Cutsy Remarks” to George - After notified of my “Final Post” to her.)

Renee (George’s wife – 1st. Post – Comments on Thread)

custer (2nd. Post – reply to Tim)

Renee (George’s wife – 2nd. Post – reply to Tim)

George (2nd Post – reply to Tim)

custer (3rd. Post – Criticizing George)

Renee (George’s wife – 3rd. Post – to greenbear)

custer (4th. Post – to greenbear)

custer (5th. Post – Criticizing George)

custer (6th. Post – commenting on Samson’s wife)

George (3rd. Post – addressed to the Forum > in regards to custer’s “conduct”)

custer (7th. Post – to greenbear)

custer (8th. Post – to greenbear)

custer (9th. Post – Calling George a liar!)

George (4th. Post – reply to greenbear)

custer (10th. Post – in regards to greenbear & George)

custer (11th. Post – to greenbear)

custer (12th. Post – to greenbear)

Renee (George’s wife – 4th. Post – to the Forum > asking that everyone “drop the subject”)

custer (13th. Post – still arguing to Renee )

custer (14th. Post – Criticizing George & George’s Original Thread)

custer (15th. Post – to biblereader . “Cutsy Remarks”)

custer (16th. Post – to Chette)

George (5th. Post – reply to Chette > in regards to custer’s conduct on the Forum)
custer (17th. Post – to Chette)

custer (18th. Post – to the Forum in general)

George (6th. Post – reply to Chette > in regards to custer’s conduct on the Forum)

George (7th. Post – reply to Ripdood > N/A to issue)

George (8th. Post – reply to greenbear > N/A to issue)

custer (19th. Post – to greenbear > N/A to issue)

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