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George 01-21-2009 08:57 AM

Re: "Standing on the word of God!"

Originally Posted by BroBill (Post 14685)
Thank you dear brothers for the warm welcome!

As far as my avatar goes, I'm very curious why you ask this of me brother? I don't mean to offend, but it represents my heart in regards to HIS WORD!
"Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope." Psalms 119:116
It represents the message which I was called of the LORD to preach to the many churches out there whose beacon lights are but a shimmer in these dark times....when they ought to be a blazing glow of HIS Glory upon this earth! Many choose to stand on the church floors, the ever crumbling earth, and all sorts of other footing which shall eventually pass away! But as for me my beloved brothers....I will stand upon the WORD of GOD, and nothing else..:amen:!!! It's a symbolic gesture which has many times lead many people (even CHRISTians) to ask why, and therefore opening the door to minister the very WORD on which I stand!


It's NOT "right" to do WRONG, in order to have a chance to do right! The END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS! :eek:

Your "good intentions" and "pious motives" don't change the fact that you are offending many on this Forum. Why would you want to continue offending the brethren? Hmmm? :confused:

I left an Assembly of God Church back around 1964-65 because a Pentecostal preacher (who was "grandstanding" & "putting on a show") put his HOLY Bible on the floor of the building, and then STOOD ON IT! And then declared to all present that he - "was standing on the promises of God"! I was OFFENDED then, and even though you haven't done it within my view, I am OFFENDED now!

I QUIT that church immediately after that blasphemous demonstration, and fortunately (if you won't remove your offensive Avatar) I won't have to quit this Forum because Diligent will remove it for you - it is "his Forum" after all, and when a person joins they agree to abide by "his rules" (or they can leave). :(

The idea that anyone who is "called of God" to preach God's word, has such a "LOW OPINION" of that word, that he would dare to put it on a floor or the ground and then literally STAND ON GOD'S HOLY WORDS to prove that they are "standing on the promises of God" shows a near total lack of not only respect for God's word, but a near total lack of discernment, understanding, and wisdom when it comes to the things of God.

I would advise you (if you intend to stick around here) that you had better not try to re-insert the same avatar, because if you do - you will be "history", as far as this Bible believing Forum is concerned! :mad:

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