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Biblestudent 06-25-2009 08:52 PM

Here am I, Lord, send me
My uncle went to Cambodia as a missionary in 2004. Last year (2008), he had to do some "tentmakinghttp://www.newtestamentbaptistministries.com/". He's currently in the Philippines trying to raise some funds so he can go back "full time". Our church is praying for him, and we hope he can get some support from our friends around the world, tool.

Currently, his ministry includes Gospel preaching, teaching English for free, hospital and village visits, and Bible study.

He needs:
1. A permanent place to stay
2. Funds for house rent, translator, visa, etc.
3. GOSPEL TRACTS in the Cambodian language.
4. English lessons (Elementary Level)

He is the first and only (so far) Filipino foreign missionary from our church (or church group) and from our Bible school.

You can see his prayer card in the missions section of our website:
(Please click the globe icon to enter the missions area.)

(Thanks to peopleoftheway for our new website! Praise the Lord!)

chette777 07-05-2009 10:58 PM

Sonny, do they know Chinese? Mandarin or Fuji? not to many Cambodian stuff available

Any way we will hold him in our prayers.

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