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drbible1611 03-25-2009 06:20 PM

New Polish Version by Brent Riggs
Dziendobry Bro. Riggs,

I have read your arguments for translating a 'New' Polish version and commend you on your work.

I have a copy of the 1632 Gdanska and find it extremely hard going grammatically as well as struggling with some of the archaic words.

I can understand why the Polacks would think you illiterate when Street Preaching from the Biblia Gdanska.

I have to disagree with you however when you make the claim that God has preserved His word in every language.

No, He has ONLY preserved it in ENGLISH. As you well know we no longer have the Hebrew/Greek originals, therefore they have indeed 'ceased' to be the Scriptures.

At best, other language Bibles are EXCELLENT/GOOD translations if translated from the correct manuscripts.

I believe you have made a grave error in not retaining WIELKIEJ NOCY in Acts 12:4.

Many have proved before that EASTER is NOT a mistranslation in the KJV.

As a Bible believing Polack I equate WIELKA NOC with EASTER ie the pagan feast and not the passover which had already been celebrated. I'm sure most unsaved Polacks would also equate WIELKA NOC with EASTER!

I would urge you to retain the Biblia Gdanska translation in this instance.

Thank you for preaching the gospel in Poland.

Na nowo narodzony ex-Katolik

bibleprotector 03-25-2009 09:25 PM

Foreign translations, even ones close the KJB, are never on the same level as the KJB.

Even small things, like changing the order of Phil. 2:21 from “Jesus Christ’s” to “Christ Jesus’”, is a problem.

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