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KJV Dictionary / W / weak

KJV Dictionary Definition: weak


WEAK, a. G. The primary sense of the root is to yield, fail, give way, recede, or to be soft.

1. Having little physical strength; feeble. Children are born weak; men are rendered weak by disease.

2. Infirm; not healthy; as a weak constitution.

3. Not able to bear a great weight; as a weak bridge; weak timber.

4. Not strong; not compact; easily broken; as a weak ship; a weak rope.

5. Not able to resist a violent attack; as a weak fortress.

6. Soft; pliant; not stiff.

7. Low; small; feeble; as a weak voice.

8. Feeble of mind; wanting spirit; wanting vigor of understanding; as a weak prince; a weak magistrate.

To think every thing disputable, si a proof of a weak mind and captious temper.

9. Not much impregnated with ingredients, or with things that excite action, or with stimulating and nourishing substances; as weak broth; weak tea; weak toddy; a weak solution; a weak decoction.

10. Not politically powerful; as a weak nation or state.

11. Not having force of authority or energy; as a weak government.

12. Not having moral force or power to convince; not well supported by truth or reason; as a weak argument.

13. Not well supported by argument; as weak reasoning.

14. Unfortified; accessible; impressible; as the weak side of a person.

15. Not having full conviction or confidence; as weak in faith.

16. Weak land is land of a light thin soil. I believe never used in New England.

WEAK, v.t. To make weak. Not used.

WEAK, v.i. To become weak. Not used.



1. Want of physical strength; want of force or vigor; feebleness; as the weakness of a child; the weakness of an invalid; the weakness of a wall or bridge, or of thread or cordage.

2. Want of sprightliness.

Soft, without weakness; without glaring, gay.

3. Want of steadiness.

By such a review, we shall discern and strengthen our weaknesses.

4. Infirmity; unhealthiness; as weakness of constitution.

5. Want of moral force or effect upon the mind; as the weakness of evidence; the weakness of arguments.

6. Want of judgment; feebleness of mind; foolishness.

All wickedness is weakness.

7. Defect; failing; fault; with a plural.

Many take pleasure in spreading abroad the weaknesses of an exalted character.

Definitions from Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828.
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