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KJV Dictionary / S / stave

KJV Dictionary Definition: stave


STAVE, n. from staff. It has the sound of a, as in save.

1. A thin narrow piece of timber, of which casks are made. Staves make a considerable articles of export from New England to the West Indies.

2. A staff; a metrical portion; a part of a psalm appointed to be sung in churches.

3. In music, the five horizontal and parallel lines on which the notes of tunes are written or printed; the staff, as it is now more generally written.

To stave and tail, to part dogs by interposing a staff and by pulling the tail.

STAVE, v.t. pret. stove or staved; pp. id.

1. To break a hole in; to break; to burst; primarily, to thrust through with a staff; as, to stave a cask.

2. To push as with a staff; with off.

The condition of a servant staves him off to a distance.

3. To delay; as, to stave off the execution of a project.

4. To pour out; to suffer to be lost by breaking the cask.

All the wine in the city has been staved.

5. To furnish with staves or rundles. Not in use.

STAVE, v.i. To fight with staves. Not in use.


STAVES, plu. of staff, when applied to a stick, is pronounced with a as in ask, the Italian sound.

Definitions from Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828.
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